Best Sweepstakes Cafe Games to Play When You Are Bored

by Jack Morgan

Posted on December 1st, 2020

Best Sweepstakes Cafe Games to Play When You Are Bored

Internet sweepstakes games have become popular in recent years. There are several reasons why they grew at a higher rate. Sweepstakes cafe games are legal and accessible through many platforms. Players have a chance to try new games daily and earn great rewards by playing them. The most exciting part about these games is that they are looking like regular casino games. Unlike other alternatives to gambling games, they provide users with the same excitement that those regular games do. So, if you are a fan of online casino slots, you should not miss this post because, in the following paragraphs, we will explore the most exciting sweepstakes cafe games and talk about their best features. 

Divine Fortune Sweepstakes Cafe Games

Divine Fortune is among the top sweepstakes cafe slots of all time. The game is developed by no other than Net Entertainment. As you might know, Net Ent likes to cover ancient mythologies while designing river online casino slots. This game is no exception to that. The game provides us with smooth graphics and exciting animations that add more entertainment value to the overall gaming experience. Besides that, the reason for the popularity of Divine Fortune is its incredible bonus and progressive jackpot opportunities that it provides to customers. 

Three different progressive jackpot rounds can absolutely change your life on a lucky draw. The game has five reels, three rows. In addition to that, you will get a chance to bet on more than 20 fixed paylines. Let’s quickly explain the paytable type for those of you who are not familiar with these kinds of terms. Fixed paylines means that you need to deposit on every one of the pay lines while playing this game. Otherwise, you cannot start the game. The number of active paylines will stay constant throughout the gameplay. 

Features of the Divine Fortune 

The Return to Player Rate for this amazing slot machine game is 96.60 percent. It is a high to medium variance slot machine. With this type of RTP and high variance, you will definitely get a chance at earning the highest jackpot in the game, which is 100.000 euros. Besides the initial payouts, you can also earn great bonus prizes in this sweepstakes cafe slot machine game. Bonus rounds include free spins, expanding wilds, lucrative scatter features, and so on. 

On the reels, you will see different symbols that are categorized as high and low-value ones. The higher values in the game belong to the Ox, Eagle, and the White mystic horse. To complete the game’s best lineup, you need to combine at least three white horse symbols on the reels vertically. By doing so, you will achieve the ultimate magic horse, which will trigger the highest jackpot in the game. Overall it is a fascinating and catchy casino slot game that you can try to win. 

Poltava- Flames of War

The game’s intriguing title is not the only interesting part of this amazing sweepstakes cafe video slot game. Poltava Flames of War is one of the top sweepstakes slots that you can enjoy and earn great prizes by doing so. There are many amazing features that you can utilize to win this game. The amazing graphics will catch your attention from the minute that you start playing this slot. ELK studios built this game back in 2016. As soon as it hit the market, the demand for the game became very high. Players love playing this game because of the short video clips and a catchy storyline that feels like watching a movie. 

Details about the Sweepstakes Cafe Game

There are five reels and five rows in this slot machine. In addition to that, you will have 40 paylines to deposit on. One of the best sides of this sweepstakes cafe casino game is that it allows players to change the number of lines whenever they feel like it. Depending on your slot game strategy, you can bet max or utilize a lower number of pay lines with small wagers. There are many bonus opportunities in the game that can be triggered by utilizing scatter and wild symbols. The ultimate warrior is the wild symbol in the game, while the scatter is the tank. 

Marching reels are features that you can get by combining wild symbols on the same reel. This feature will enable you to get massive multipliers and increase the payout percentage. The game starts with 95 percent of RTP, and it can go as high as 98 percent. To achieve this, you need to trigger the progressive jackpot round and bet the max to get the best rewards. If you like playing sweepstakes cafe games for real money and have fun while doing so, you need to give a shot to Poltava- Flames of War. 


Do you like Rock N Roll bands? Have you ever heard about Motorhead? If you have not been living under the rock for over three decades, it is almost impossible for you to never listen to this band. Net Entertainment likes to cover the best rock bands among their casino slot games. They launched this slot game back in 2017. As soon as they created it, fans of the band loved it. The game is packed with several great features, animations, and sound effects. You will listen to the band’s best songs while watching the colorful symbols spin on the reels. 

There are five reels and four rows in this sweepstakes casino game. In addition to that, Motorhead provides us with 25 paylines. The paytable is fixed, and you can change the number of those lines neither prior to the game nor during it. The main symbols in the game are the drummer sticks, electric guitar, and the band’s logo. Besides them, there are ordinary symbols such as classic bar, seven, nine, ten, and letters including Q, K, and A. By utilizing these symbols on the reels, and you will have opportunities to win bonus rounds and get the best sweepstakes rewards. 

Final Thoughts on Sweepstakes Cafe Games

As you can see, there are many interactive casino slots that you can play online. To get the best entertainment value and enjoy great bonuses, you need to find the best games for playing. To find the best quality games, you need to have an assessment criteria. You can list out all the important features that you are looking for in internet casino games

You can then analyze the online gambling portals and look for the sweepstakes cafe casino games that can meet the guidelines. Besides that, try to find games that give you better odds at winning and offer bonuses so that you can earn extra rewards. These bonuses are crucial for success because they keep you motivated even if you are on a losing streak. If you have difficulties while doing so, you can always analyze our casino articles where we cover the most exciting slots and all the other aspects of the subject matter.