Roulette Wheel: What Is It And How To Improve Your Odds

by Isabella Mason

Posted on August 25th, 2021

Roulette Wheel: What Is It And How To Improve Your Odds

If you want one of the fascinating games of chance that’s extremely popular worldwide, consider the roulette wheel. You’ve probably heard of it and don’t have the slightest idea of how to play roulette.

However, if you plan to play for real money, we recommend that you know it is and explore the riversweeps game’s rules. That’s because, in some cases, that can boost your chances of winning. This guide will show you how the roulette wheel works, including other perks you should know. 

Let’s begin.  

What Is The Roulette Wheel?  

If you travel worldwide, you’d undoubtedly find different wheels used for the roulette game. Typically, the roulette wheel comprises two significant parts: an outer and an inner section. The outer section is called the bowl, which is the circular track where the ball spins. 

The inner section is called the wheel head, which rotates. That’s the part that holds the numbered pockets where the ball drops and eventually stops.  

Now, the wheel comes in different types. So let’s carefully go through them and their basic features.

Types Of Roulette Wheel: The French Wheel 

Roulette Wheel

The French wheel is quite popular in Europe. The wheel head contains 37 numbered ball pockets with red and black colors alternately. What’s unique about this type of wheel is that aside from the numbers 1 to 36, you also find one zero. 

That’s why the French wheel is also called the single-zero heel. Furthermore, the sequence of numbers on the wheel head is peculiar, and it’s usually called the French number sequence. The betting layout uses French terminology. 

You can use regular casino chips to place your bets on the layout. Remember that no double zero is found on the French wheel, unlike the American wheel, and this feature helps players get a 2.7% house edge for any bet placed. 

Also, due to the “en prison” rule, players can even-money outside bests with a 1.37% house advantage. 

American Wheel 

You can find the American wheel in the United States (of course), Canada, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands, including such regions in Asia. The wheel head contains 38 numbered ball pockets with red and black alternately. 

The American wheel is numbered from 1 to 36. But aside from that, there’s one zero and one double zero. That’s what it’s also known as the double-zero wheel. The number sequence is entirely different from the French wheel. 

Also, the betting layout uses English terminology. Unlike that of the French wheel, you can place your bets with non-value-colored roulette chips. For almost any combination of bets you place, you can get a 5.26% house advantage. 

However, we said “almost,” meaning there’s an exception. And that’s the surrender rule which only works in Atlantic City. This rule allows you to place even-money outside bets with a 2.63% house advantage. 

The surrender rule is the same as the “la partage” rule used in the United Kingdom. 

The Hybrid Wheel 

The hybrid wheel is the only legit roulette wheel used in the United Kingdom. The wheel comes with the American type of wheel but with only a single zero. And that’s why both betting layouts in English (American) and only a single zero (French) feature are available on the wheel. Hence, the name hybrid wheel. 

Casinos present globally are familiar with the hybrid wheel. You can find numerous variations worldwide. For example, you can find the number sequence on the wheel head in either American or French. 

Sometimes, the wheels which use the American number sequence may have the single zero between the numbers 1 and 27. So that’s the place where the double zero should occupy in the original American version. 

In other situations, the single zero can be found between 2 and 28. Also, in the United Kingdom, some wheels can use the French sequence of numbers and have the single zero found between 26 and 32. 

No matter the wheel variation you encounter, if the betting layout is in English and only includes a single zero, it’s good enough to be called a hybrid. 

As said earlier, the hybrid wheel has 37 numbered ball pockets with no double zero. Due to that, players can place inside bets with a 2.7% house advantage. And that’s the same scenario with the French wheel. 

The “la partage” rule lowers the house advantage to 1.35% when you place even-money outside bets. So when you find a French wheel at casinos in the U.S., you can almost call it a hybrid. 

However, remember that the “la partage” or the surrender rule doesn’t apply to the French wheel, not even in Atlantic City.

How To Improve Your Winning Odds At Roulette Wheel 

Before we begin, remember to be realistic about the long odds of the internet sweepstakes game. With the American wheel having a house advantage of 5.26%, you need to be strategic to increase your bankroll. If not, you could have the worst bets of your life. 

Start With The Basics 

Roulette Wheel

You can make numerous different bets so far as you stay within the maximum limits of the internet cafe game. Consequently, few players make only one bit at a time. But, of course, it becomes challenging and complicated to follow all the actions when you make more bets. 

Here are two ways to make things easier: 

  1. Restrict yourself to the table minimum and play the outside bets only. 

For example, you can bet on either black or red for each spin. This outside bet pays one-to-one and covers 18 of the 38 possible combinations. 

  1. Place two bets of the same amount on two outside bets. 

So one bet on an even-money play and the other on a dozen or column that pays two to one. For example, Place one bet on Column Three, eight red numbers, and one bet on black. When you do that, you get 26 numbers to hit, four of which you cover twice. 

You can also make a bet on red and a bet on Column Teo, which has eight black numbers. When you do that, you cover 26 numbers, and four of them have ways to win. 

Matching a bet on black or red with Column One comprises 24 numbers, and six numbers come with two ways of winning. Of course, spreading like this won’t make you rich, but it can increase your chances of winning at the roulette wheel. 


Playing the roulette wheel is relatively straightforward. We’ve talked about the American wheel, but you can also significantly improve your winning odds if you have to use the European wheel. 

Your winning chances increase if the casino provides a beneficial rule called the “en prison.” It’s sometimes available on European wheels, and the en prison rule reduces the house edge further to a reasonable 1.35%. This rule applies to even-money bets. 

If you’re searching for a fantastic sweepstakes game to play, we recommend the roulette wheel. But before you begin, it’s best to try out the demo first. It’ll help you know what the game is like and familiarize yourself with it. That can also help you to boost your chances of winning.