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Casino slot games: Tips, tricks, and best strategies

by Matt Wright

Posted on October 25th, 2019

Casino slot games: Tips, tricks, and best strategies

It is no doubt that online casino players need luck for winning casino slot games. Sometimes all you need is a good strategy to win at slot games. Gamblers hate losing, just like any competitive person. In this article, we will explore winning strategies, tips, and tricks that players can use in online casino slots. 

Choose Casino Slot Games with High Volatility Rates

The first tip for players is choosing gambling slots that have a higher volatility rate. What is volatility? Volatility is the factor that shows how much a player risks while playing a particular casino game. In low volatility slot games, results are not suitable for players. The reason for that is the expected return for players. In small volatility games, players will get around their expected return amount in the long run. So, these games can cash out frequently, but the amount will be considerably lower than high volatility games. Winning small amounts is not fun at all. That is why high Volatility online casino games should be your target before starting to play casino games online.

 In high volatility games, players can win a massive amount of money, but it will take more time. Wagering small or significant amounts does not matter for this equation. For example, if you bet small in a high volatility casino game, you will lose less money. Though, this winning strategy will give you a chance at getting higher rewards in the long run. Instead, if a player bets high amounts on low volatility games, chances of him getting higher prices will decrease rapidly. For that reason, we recommend you play on slot games with higher Volatility. While doing so, do not forget to check the return to player rates of those games because this factor is as essential as Volatility for winning. 

Avoid Disadvantageous Bet Types in Casino Slot Games

The second winning tip/strategy for casino players is avoiding bet types that create a disadvantage for them. In this case, the difficulty is created with decreasing return to player rates. While making specific bets, players unknowingly choose wrong variants, which ultimately lead to their failure in casino slot games. For example, imagine a casino slot that offers two wagering options. The first one requires two cents as a cost on three win lines. The second one needs only one cent, but it is designed for only one pay line. 

As you can see from this example, in the second case, we are losing money, and return to player rate is decreasing after this process. The reason for those disadvantages is bet types that amateur players do not have information. It is better to check that online casino slot games and learn about wagering options before making a bet. Otherwise, you will not be able to win with that strategy. 

Play With Fewer Win Lines 

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Another trick for improving your winning chances and increasing the Volatility of the casino is to decrease pay lines. Most players do not know that by just setting the game on one pay line would increase Volatility up to ten times of the current one. For instance, when a player bets three dollars on one line, his/ her average winning will be higher. When comparing that result to ten pay line system, we can see that player who deposited zero-point thirty on ten different pay lines has less chance of making a profit or even getting that amount back.

High rollers cannot use this trick because of the online casino slot games rules. The rules are restricting to pay the maximum amount than the limit itself. There are exceptional slot games such as Grand X, which allows players to bet the highest amount even if they are decreasing the number of pay lines. If you are one of those players that deposit low while playing slots, this trick will help you to earn more

Use Double up Feature for Regulating Volatility

Double up feature is commonly used in casino games online. Having called red/black function, it stands for an option that doubles your winnings with a fifty percent chance. In other words, you are risking your earnings, but instead, you can get double the amount in return. In many Novomatic games such as Gonzo’s Quest, players can use this feature several times. The good news is that the double up feature is mainly increasing the Volatility of the game. The reason for that is the number of individual wins. 

While using a double-up feature, casino slot games players are getting the same value, but the volatility rate increases throughout the game. For example, imagine that in top online casino games, you have a chance to win forty times. However, you will earn precisely one dollar for each round. In this case, the Volatility of the game decreases, but the overall winning amount stays the same.

In another example, you have a chance to win five times, but while doing so, you are also using the double up feature for three consecutive rounds. As a result, your overall winning will be forty dollars, but for each turn, you will earn eight dollars. This feature would increase the Volatility of a particular slot game so that players could win more prizes in the long run. 

Find Casino Slot Games that Pay Big

Playing in online casinos where you can get high pay-outs is always good for your balance. Some people think that slot machines have levels where they go cold or hot. Though, it is a myth because we know that casino slot games are operating with a random number generator. Players cannot control results; however, they can control and choose which slot to play. It is better to scout before starting to play. Pay-out rates can be an option for identifying which slot machine game is worth playing and which are not. So, make sure to only play video slot games that have high payout rates.

Know Your Budget, Play Accordingly

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Most of the time, while playing casino slots, you will lose money. That is the harsh reality of the casino games. However, if you can create a strategy, make a budget plat, frequency of losses will decrease. Playing games, according to the bankroll, is a good strategy for not losing more than you have. For example, imagine a case where you have a hundred dollars in your debit card, and you just registered to a particular online casino. In that case, while playing various casino slot games on that site, you cannot afford to play with dollars. Otherwise, you will lose all of your money in a split second. To avoid these conditions, you need to plan how to use your bankroll then start playing. Starting with pennies is always a good idea if you want to try the casino slot for real money.

All in all, casino slot games may seem complicated to beginners. However, after getting experience and following the recommendations mentioned above will help both beginners and advanced players. 

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