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Roulette Table: Rules, Odds, And Numbers

by Brian

Posted on November 30th, 2023

Roulette Table: Rules, Odds, And Numbers

Roulette table is one of the most popular classic table games in the casinos. It has been popular since its first appearance and still remains one of the top titles in the market.


So, how can you play the game, and what are the popular Roulette table strategy tips to use? Before jumping into complicated strategies, you need to know the basics. And that’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article.


So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the Roulette table layout and see how it looks.


Roulette Table Game: General Overview


So, Roulette table has been one of the most popular online casino table games in the gambling world since its release. The game combines your premonition and luck and allows you to bet according to your gut feeling. 


The live Roulette game has two parts. One is a wheel where the dealer drops the ball. And the other is the table. While on the table you can make various bettings, the ball on the wheel decides if you win or lose. 


Now, let’s look at the regular casino Roulette table and understand each part here. 


Roulette Table Layout


roulette table payout


The Bitcoin Roulette table layout contains 36 numbers. These numbers are split into 3 rows and 12 columns. Each number has a black or red background.


While betting, you can make a stake about the number where the ball is going to drop. Besides, bettings are available in black or red, or the sector of the number the ball stops. 


This is the general layout that can be different in various game variants. Now, let’s see how the gameplay looks.


Roulette Table Rules: How To Play The Game?


The Roulette table online has easy and fun gameplay. There, you don’t need to learn and understand the complex game rules. All you do for the winning and great outcome is predict the winning color, number, or section of numbers.


When you start playing, at first, you make a bet. After that, a ball is dropped into the wheel. After a while, the ball stops on a certain number, and you win or lose.


As simple as that, the Roulette table casino game allows you to land great wins. Now, let’s compare American and European versions of the game.


American Roulette Table vs European Roulette Table


roulette table odds


There are numerous variations for the casino Roulette table games. The two most popular ones are the American and European versions. 


The European version of the game combines 36 numbers plus 0. It means that the odds of winning on each number is 36:1. On the other hand, the American version allows you to bet on 36 numbers. However, there are two zeros.


Adding two zeros decreases the winning odds to 37:0. So, if you are a beginner, it’s better not to play an American Roulette table and try other types of Roulette games first.


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Let’s continue exploring the roulette game! Keep reading and go through our extensive FAQ. We promise you that you will find out additional key insights that will help you improve your gaming!


How many numbers are on a roulette table?


There are 36 Roulette table numbers on the Roulette table. These 36 numbers are split into 3 rows and 12 columns. So, the winning odds for each number is 35:1.


The Roulette table payout odds are different in different versions of the game. In the European Roulette table, there’s added 0 as one of the numbers, so the odds are 36:1. On the American Roulette table, you will see two zeros, decreasing your odds to 37:1.


How to play roulette table?


When you play Roulette table online, you basically predict the outcome of the game and bet on it. There are 36 numbers plus 0 you can bet on. You can also bet on the color of the number and the odd or even numbers. Another bet can be made on the segment of the numbers where the ball lands on the wheel.


To play and have better Roulette table odds, it’s better to try playing for free first and get used to the game. To play for free, register at Vegas-X casino immediately and get your free cash!


What are the odds on a roulette table?


Roulette table odds differ in the game variations. In French roulette, the odds are 35:1. In the European Roulette table, the odds are 36:1 cause 0 is added to 36 Roulette table numbers. In the American Roulette table, the odds are 37:1 because two 0s are added to 36.


How to win at roulette table?


There are 3 major tips that will help you win the Roulette table game. First of all, play the game in demo mode or with free credits. Whichever opportunity you get from your online gambling site, use it to get used to gaming.


casino roulette table


Also, manage your bankroll. When you decide to play the casino Roulette table for real money, set your spending budget and never exceed it. Keep an eye on your wins and losses.


Finally, choose the variation of your Roulette table layout carefully. When picking the game to play, check its payout rate and house edge. Also, always gamble responsibly. This way, you will ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible. 


How do you calculate payouts at a roulette table?


To calculate your payout, you do the simple multiplication. On the Roulette table payout, every bet has its odds. So, once your bet wins, you need to multiply the odds of winning with this bet with the amount you staked.


What does a roulette table look like?


The Roulette table layout looks simple and is much easier to understand at first glance than other classic table games at casinos. On the table, you see 36 numbers in 3 rows and 12 columns. These numbers have red or black colors.


On the left side of the table, there’s a 0 (if you play an American Roulette table, there are two 0s). The 36 numbers are split into 3 sections. The sections’ names are written on the bottom of the grid. And if you play the French version, you will also notice names for the sections in French.


How to bet on Roulette table?


You can make several types of bets on the Roulette table casino game. You can place a bet on a specific number, on red or black, on a specific section, or even on a zero. 


How to win big on the roulette table?


To win the Roulette table payout, you need to predict the landing of a ball in the wheel correctly. As you know, different bets have different Roulette table odds of winning. 


roulette table casino


The least favorable for your bankroll would be betting on specific Roulette table numbers, as there you have the lowest probability of winning. However, these bets can bring the top payouts. So, if your budget allows you, try betting on them as well.


To win and become a better player, first play for free. Register on Vegas-X to earn incredible free playing opportunities and get used to gaming for better wins!


What is the best roulette table strategy?


There are many Roulette table strategy tips available on the internet. Some of the popular strategies are Martingale, Fibonacci, James Bond, D’Alembert, and reverse Martingale strategies. You can check them out and decide which one works best for you. However, keep in mind that non of them can guarantee you the winnings. 


What are the best tricks on a roulette table?


The best trick on the Roulette table strategy that will be a massive help for you is to understand the Roulette table odds. As different variations of the game offer different payouts, you need to understand what bets give you better chances of winning.


Learn the Roulette table rules and play different variations to find the one you enjoy the most. Also, start playing the casino Roulette table game for free or on demo versions to get used to gaming. 


Are online roulette tables fixed?


No. The house edge on the Roulette table online is already set. It means that there is no need for the casinos to cheat in order to get more from you. So, Roulette table casino games at legitimate online gambling sites are absolutely safe to play.


Final thoughts


Here is everything you need to know about Roulette table games. There are different variations of the title available in the market. And all of them promise to bring incredible gaming opportunities.


All you need to do to enjoy these games at their finest is to register at the Vegas-X casino. Simply sign up by filling out the contact form and putting all the necessary details for registration. Make an account, gather available free credits, and enjoy gaming for free to get used to the gameplay.


Learn the basics, and once you’re comfortable, try out gaming for real money using various gaming strategies!

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