Rivers Casino Slots That Pay Real Cash

Online casino games are fun to play. We are entering online casinos to enjoy the best games and earn money while doing so. There are many different online casino game genres that you can find on the web. Some of them offer real money games, while others appeal more to amateur players, free demos. Some players are heavily invested in skill-based games such as cards and board casino games. Others are mainly focusing on chance-based games such as baccarat, keno, and online slot machines. This article will lean more toward those players who like chance-based games and discuss the best rivers casino slots in the market. 

While looking through this top list, you can analyze the features and payout rates of the games and choose the one that attracts you more. Without further notice, let’s dive into the list and find out which options you have regarding the best rivers casino slots. 

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is another title that we included on the list of best rivers casino slots. The game is based on the popular fairytale that has the same title. As you might remember from your childhood, in the fairy tale, Jack finds mysterious beans that lead him to the land of giants. The case for you would be a lot like that, but with one exception. While playing this slot, those giants would make the payouts that the game offers. This rivers casino slot game is packed with innovative solutions and interactive features. It is one of the slot machines that offer a high payout rate and high variance. 

That means you will enjoy constant wins and do not get bored while playing. ELK Studios developed this amazing casino game. Like in their other fantasy-based slot machine games, Jack and Beanstalk offer various animations and a thrilling storyline to keep you busy. The Return to Player Rate for this slot machine game is 96.30 percent. It is relatively higher whenever we take into consideration the overall average for the online casino industry. That is among the top reasons why so many players prefer to play such river casino slots in online gambling platforms whenever they enter. As we already mentioned, the game offers high volatility, and the time between each payout is shorter than you might think. 

Features of the Jack and the Beanstalk Rivers Casino Slots

Rivers Casino Slots

There are three rows and five reels in this game. Do not get caught up in the classic layout. In fact, it is among the video slot games that you can enjoy. You would not be able to see how time passes while playing this game. The main symbols in the game are the mystic box, jack the kid, a magic ax. On the other hand, various ordinary symbols such as the goat, K, J, A, and the numbers, including 10 and 9. There are 20 paylines in this amazing casino slot machine game. All of those paylines are flexible for players. It means that, depending on your wagering strategy, you can always change the number of active paylines whenever it is necessary. 

That is not only a flexible feature that you will love to see in this game. In fact, you can choose the located pay lines and select the ones that provide you with higher chances of winning. Although this game came into the industry almost a decade now, several players still stick to it. That is not a coincidence because the game is among the prime examples of the best fairy tale based rivers casino slots you can find on the internet. It offers you a complete package regarding the gameplay, storyline, and higher payouts;l help you earn thousands of dollars in cash. Therefore, it would be odd not to include this game on the list of best online slots that pay real money. 

Wild Toro

Another online casino game that we are going to discuss in this post is the Wild Toro. As you might guess from the game’s title, the main theme is about the Spanish Bullfight. You will feel the festival feel as soon as you enter the rivers casino slots. ELK Studios developed the game in 2016. Since the early launch period, fans have loved the interactive features and visual effects of this game. Big payouts are on the way if you are playing such rivers casino slots because Wild Toro has a medium variance and above average payout rate. 

The highest jackpots are waiting for you in Wild Toro Rivers casino slots. The most lucrative prize that you can get in this game is worth 2250 times the initial bet. If we consider that the game allows you to deposit 10 dollars in max bet mode, you can earn 225.000 dollars on a winning drought. Even if you could not manage to earn that amount, you will still have a pretty chance at cashing out great rewards through the bonuses and promotions that this casino game offers. 

Gameplay and Symbols on Wild Toro Rivers Casino Slots

Rivers Casino Slots

There are five reels and five rows in this amazing online casino game. On the reels, you will see different interesting symbols. The bull is the wild symbol of the game, while the silver coin is used as the scatter symbol. Respin’s round and walking wilds are the most lucrative bonus features you can find in the wild toro. During the respin round, you will have five shots at the biggest prizes. All you need to do is to collect at least three scatter symbols on the same reel, side by side, to activate and trigger this bonus round. 

The game is fascinating to play and offers high-quality gambling solutions for you to experience the prime quality of gambling experience. You can enjoy these types of rivers casino slots on both mobile and desktop gambling platforms. Do not worry about the quality of the graphics in the game because ELK Studios optimize them for functioning smoothly in big and small touch screen devices without any inconvenience. If you like trying out new games with a great storyline and offer high jackpots, you need to check Wild Toro out. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, there are many rivers casino slots in the industry that you can play for real money prizes. While trying to find the games, you need to focus on the best features to earn great rewards while enjoying the gameplay. Have a plan and make a throughout research before settling into any of the online casino platforms. It would help if you made sure that the game has a variety of bonuses that you can use to increase your chances of winning. If you would like to learn more about the top casino software providers and read about the best casino games analysis, you can always check out our other articles on the subject matter. 

Review of Cops and Donuts Slots Online

There are many casino games that we love to play daily. To access them, we enter online casinos and make bets to earn the best prices available. There are several different genres in casino games. Some players like to enjoy chance-based games while others stick to the skill-based gambling titles. This article will mainly focus on one of the best gambling genres, which are the online slots. More specifically, we will discover the cops and donuts slots online and elaborate on the best features and the history of that game. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the game. 

History of the Cops and Donuts Slots Online

The concept is fascinating, and many readers would want to know the story behind this association. Cops and Donuts are two different elements that cannot be associated, and it would not make sense to do that for many people who are unaware of that relationship. Before even these types of slot machines were created, cops and donuts’ concept was a thing in New York. There have been jokes about this concept, and regular people mocked police officers by saying that the national donut day is a national holiday for them. During the 1950s in the United States, the police officers’ situations and conditions were not like it today. 

They were working on nightshifts and could not find any open restaurant or beverage store to eat. Nowadays, it is very easy to access food at night, but it was not like that 60 years ago. So, the only open shops and food that they could find in the streets were donuts. From there, the association of policemen and donuts came out. They were grabbing some coffee and donuts along the way to eat them while they are working till early morning. Besides that, the police officers’ wage was lower at that time, and they would be able to afford donuts as they were so cheap. To this day, this concept sticks around because of the regular use of people and the games such as Cops and Donuts Slots online. 

Cops and Donuts Slots Online

There have been numerous stereotypes and jokes about police officers and their love for donuts. In the previous passage, we explained the relationship between the two concepts. So now, we can go on and cover the amazing details and features of this casino slot. This storyline can be found on TV shows, movies, and many other entertainment platforms. The slot game is developed by one of the best casino software developers, International Gaming Technology. 

Cops and Donuts casino game have been among the most entertaining and funny casino games to play throughout the years. Even though the jokes about this concept might not make police officers happy, playing this game will definitely bring joy to you. There are many reasons why you need to try this slot machine and below we will cover them all one by one. 

Cops and Donuts Slots Online Basics

Cops and Donuts Slots Online is a classic slot machine game that features five reels and three rows. On each of those reels, you will see vibrant symbols that will add up to the game’s entertainment value. In addition to them, there are 20 fixed paylines that you can utilize in this slot machine game online. A fixed pay line means that players cannot change the number of active lines during or prior to the game’s start. Once you make your deposits and push the spin button, you will start this amazing online casino slot machine. The game features a very attractive and funny storyline. 

Alongside that, you will have a chance to see familiar symbols such as cartoon-style police officers, calorific snacks in the donut shop, cuffs, coffee, and so on. The police badge is the wild symbol of the game. By utilizing this badge, you will manage to earn great cash prizes through multipliers. While riding on the road, you would be pulled over by police officers. By lining up your best excuses for driving so fast, you will try to earn instant prizes in this game. If you can buy and offer donuts to those officers, you will reach some big payouts that cops and donuts slots online offers. I hope that the cop who pulled you over likes snacks. Otherwise, you can lose your money while playing this entertaining online casino slot machine. 

Details about the Cops And Donuts Casino Game

For those of you who like playing classic style slot machines, this game will definitely help you enjoy your time in online casinos. Otherwise, it is hard to impress customers with this type of graphics because it is older than almost any of the popular casino slots that we have in the industry. The original feel and classic interface of the game make it special in the eyes of true online casino slot machine fans. If you are looking for amazing graphics created by using state of the art technology, this game will not appeal to you. 

The game offers great visuals but for classic casino games. It cannot match or compete with the modern multi-reel IGT slots that offer enormously high-quality visual effects like a video game. You need to be aware of these aspects before you get into the real gambling experience in this online casino slot machine game. If we settle this issue down, we can discuss the advantages of playing the Cops and Donuts slot machine. 

How Much can you Earn By Playing Cops and Donuts Online Slot Game? 

Although this game does not visually appeal to today’s standards, it is still a pretty cool game that you can enjoy in online casinos. The profitability and entertainment that this game can bring are very special. Depending on the betting strategy that you are using, you can earn 10.000 times of the initial bet while playing cops and donuts slots online. When you utilize the game’s max bet feature, that amount can go as high as 25.000 times of your initial wager. It can be 50.000 times of your initial bet if you are playing the progressive version of this slot machine game. Let’s briefly explain this online gambling slot game setup process for those who are not familiar with it. 

Setup Process of the Cops and Donuts Slot Machine Game

As International Gaming Technology develops it, you would expect to see some flashy design patterns, all the characters out there dancing, and that kind of stuff. However, the Cops and Donuts Slot machine app features a very simplistic approach to the game and its initial controls. There is an old school vibe in this slot machine that we can reminisce from the late nineties land-based slot machines in Atlantic City or Vegas. 

The setup process of the game is very easy and straightforward. All you need to do is install the system and wait for the game to start. Online casino players can access this game throughout the mobile and traditional gambling platforms. Below, we will cover some of the platforms where you can find this slot machine.

For now, let’s stick to the game features and elaborate on that. In the middle of the screen, you will see the spin button. By pushing that button, you can start the game. The classic plus and minus icons are placed on each side of the spin button. By pressing on each of them, you can increase or decrease the amount of bet you will place on each of the pay lines. Control buttons are designed in a way that they look like coffee cups and plates of buttons. It creates harmony between the storyline and actual game controls. The whole slot machine will remind you of a donut shop, and the realistic takes on the different attributes will make you even more comfortable while playing. Those small details in the game add more entertainment value and a delicious look to it. 

What Are the Other Entertaining Features of the Slot Game

There are many amazing features of this slot machine game, and one of them is autoplay. For those of you who want to enjoy the view of spinning colorful donuts on the reels while you are chilling, this option can help you to do that. You can grab one pair of donuts and a coffee for yourself while enjoying this view. Make sure that you follow the bankroll and do not miss any chance at winning great prizes. Whenever you want to rest for a few minutes or go for a drink, you can activate this feature and let the slot machine play on your behalf. A winning combination in the slot game is considered a line with at least three identical symbols. The pay lines go from left to right side.  

With three to five design patterns and 20 pay lines, you can achieve great results in cops and donuts slots online. Below the main screen of the game, you will see the help button. By pressing that button, you can see a bar where all your game-related questions can be answered easily. If you have any technical issues, it is best to contact your online casino provider for more information. Through the help button, you will learn how the depositing, withdrawals, and bonus system of the game works. However, if you are too hesitant to read the whole text, do not worry because we got you on that one. Below you will find the details of the special bonus offers that cops and donuts casino game. 

Bonus offers By Cops and Donuts Slot Machine.

There are a variety of bonus packages that you can use after entering this amazing slot machine game. You can earn considerably smaller prizes by utilizing the snack symbols on the reels. Some of the bigger prizes in the slot can be acquired by lining up the combinations of male and female police officers, fingerprints, handcuffs, and crime scene tape. Besides these, you will have random chances to win greater prizes. For instance, during the storyline, you would get caught by police officers, and you would be asked to choose from excuses. 

Each excuse holds value, and that value can increase or decrease your chances of getting to the main prize sooner. One of the best bonus packages can be found in the donut shop. As soon as you get there with the police officer, the cop will ask you to choose the snack for him. If you can guess the answer right and the cop likes the snack, you would have a chance to multiply your prizes by 2. Although this game provides us with older graphics, the storyline is still funny and interesting. It is better to give it a try and see whether or not you like Cops and Donuts slots online. 

Where Can you Play Cops and Donuts Slot Machine Game Online? 

There are several online casino platforms where you can find and enjoy Cops and Donuts slots online. Below we will list some of the casinos where it is available. 

Jackie Jackpot

Jackie Jackpot is an online casino that is considered as the second, tired platform. Although it is a medium-sized casino, there are many online casino titles that you can find here. One of them is the Cops and Donuts slot machine. You can also find hundreds of other genre online casino games such as poker variations, other slots, baccarat, keno, bingo, and more. The partners of the gambling platform are 

  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • International Gaming Technology
  • and Net Entertainment

Aspire Global International is the company behind this gambling platform. They like to add old school games to the mix to atta t some of the older generation players. The advantages of playing casino games on this platform are about having 

  • a mobile-friendly interface
  • Many live dealer titles from both slots and poker
  • Outstanding loyalty programs’ and easily acquirable bonus packages

The disadvantages that you might face in this online gambling platform are lack of sports betting and live chat in the games. 

PlayZee Casino

PlayZee Casino is another platform where you can find the best slot machines, including cops and donuts slots online. The brand was founded in 2018. Since that, it grew immensely because of the quality products they offer to the online gambling audience. They have over a thousand different internet casino games, and that number is increasing by each month. If we subdivide the gaming title categories for this casino, the list would include Live casino bingo, slot machines, video poker, and roulette.

The leading company that is behind this platform is White Hat Gaming. They established the platform with the online gambling license of Malta. Malta Gaming Authority is regulating this platform as well. One of the best sides of this online platform is the availability of multi-language support. In fact, you can enter and enjoy the same interface and products in 

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • and Swedish

The straightforward and manageable design with an interesting graphic interface makes users want to play on this platform for long periods without getting bored. Besides the cops and donuts slots online, you can find many interesting slot machine titles in this online casino platform. Some of the notable mentions are:

  • Re Spin Mania
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Dead or Alive
  • Dead or Alive Two
  • Medallion
  • Street Fighter
  • Reactoonz
  • Bonanza
  • And Legacy of Egypt

A combination of different casino game titles from the best online casino software developers creates a great environment for players from all around the world to join and have fun while earning lots of cash through this platform. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Cops and Donuts slots online is a very interesting and entertaining casino slot machine game. Please check those mentioned platforms and have fun while doing so for those of you who want to play this game. If you want to learn more about the great slot games like this one, check out our other articles on similar gaming titles. 

Attractive 3D Slots that You Need to Play

Slot games are among the top-rated casino games in the online gambling platform. For decades, thousands of people preferably played these games because of the high payout rates and entertainment value that slots bring to the table. As the technology improved, slot machines added unique features to their arsenal, including VR and 3D effects. With the enhanced visual effects and catchy sound effects, 3D slots became a new favourite type of slot games for the gambling audience. There are many games for this branch that you can find online. Preferences of the players are different as there are many aspects such as demographics play a huge role in their gaming tastes. This article will provide you with the best examples of 3D slots and try to explain their unique features attractively. So, let’s not lose more time and get right into them. 

Castle Builder 2 3D Slots

It is one of the prime examples when it comes to the 3D slot games. Everything about this game complements each other very well and creates a great feel. At first, when you see the name of this slot, it reminds you of strategy games that you play on mobile phones. As soon as you enter the game, you will feel the real excitement that 3D slots bring to the table. The company that developed this slot machine game is Bobcat. Although it is not one of the industry’s top brands, it is fair to say that they nailed it on this one. Castle Builder 2 has a unique feel because of the storyline and the elements that contribute to that storyline. Fifteen kindgoms involve in the storyline of this slot machine. Each of those kindgoms is fighting for becoming the ultimate force in the neighborhood.  

Fairy tale type of landscape and characters will blow your mind as soon as you enter this game. You will have a chance to pick your playable avatar that has a unique skill for castle building. Depending on your choice, you will be assigned a castle, and from that time, you will need to build a strong castle so that the enemy troops cannot take your land. If you think that the most fun part about this 3D slot machine game is building a castle, we have other surprising news for you. 

Best Features of the Castle Builder 2

Castle Builder 2 is one of those slot games that do not have a fixed Return to Player percentage. Instead, the RTP grows over time while you are increasing the amounts on a bet line. The original RTP for the game is listed at 95 percent, while it can go as high as 98 percent in the pick phase of the slot game. The main screen of the game is divided into two major parts. On the left side, you will have a chance to observe the natural habitat of your kingdom. The highest mountains, endless forests, and eye-catching natural environment will help you concentrate on the game. 

On the right side of the main screen, you will see the five reels and three rows showing memorable symbols. Queen’s jewelry box, King’sKing’s ring, castle building stones, and gold medals are among the top-rated symbols of this fantastic slot game. Bonus rounds of this game can be triggered through the bronze and diamond cup symbols. Each symbol has unique features that can help you to earn extra rewards easily. Overall, this fairy tale themed 3D slots are very entertaining and if you like these type of games, make sure to check this one out. 

Cazino Cosmos

Cazino Cosmos is among the top 3D slot games you can play in the online casino parlours. Yggdrasil Gaming developed this fantastic online slot game. The game, as you might guess from the title, is about the galaxy. The slot’s central theme and storyline go around the night sky, where you float around the bright stars and planets to capture the best prizes. The game features five reels and five rows. In addition to them, you will have a chance to get as high as 25 winning pay-lines on which you can wager from 0.5 cents up to 15 dollars. The highest prize of the game is 11.800 times your initial bet. To win that reward, you need to fight with the aliens and ensure that your team on board is all safe. 

Special Features and Bonuses of the Cazino Cosmos 3D Slots

These 3D slot games have various unique features that you have never seen before in other slot machines. For instance, while playing Cazino Cosmos, you will notice that each time the same one symbol sticks to the particular reel. Some of the symbols are assigned for individual reels, and they will not change their place. Those symbols are significant whenever you used the collector mechanism feature of the game. This feature can only be triggered through wild symbols. Whenever a player gets a wild symbol on the reel with a particular symbol assigned to it, that player earns 1 point. 

As soon as you managed to get the wild on five different reels with different symbols assigned to them, the collector mechanism will start to work and collect all those points to give you a custom prize. It is up to you to determine what you want to earn in that custom prize box. You can choose cash, free spins, extra 2 points for the online gambling game’s collective mechanism, and so on. The Return to Player Rate for this slot game is 97 per cent. The volatility of the slot is low. So, that means you will have a chance to earn great prizes continuously without waiting too much. If you are a fan of 3D slots with cosmic effects like in sci-fi movies, this one will grab your attention. 


Starburst is another excellent example of popular 3D slots that will help you to win more massive payouts. Unlike any other game that we mentioned so far, the slot’s storyline and background story are not captivating. However, the visual effects and bright colours that developers used in the mix is worth playing. Starburst is one of those gaming titles with both video slot version in brick and mortar and online casino platforms. The fans love the colour theme and vibrant symbols in this slot machine. Net Entertainment developed this slot game in 2014. 

Not long after that time, they updated the game to make it 3D slot games. The main symbols in the game are valuable pieces alongside with bright yellow stars. Depending on the color of the star, you will have a specific value in those symbols. The winning combination in the game is the line that is consisting of at least three matching symbols. The more matching lines that you have, the more chance you will get at the grand prizes. There are five reels and three rows in this 3D slots. In addition to them, you will have 15 winning pay-lines on which you would be able to wager from 0.2 cents up to 10 dollars. 

What are the Best Slots to Play in 2021?

One of the best types of online casino games is the slots. We like slots because they are simple and very effective in earning money while enjoying the gambling experience. Most of the players are getting bored of while the same games over and over. Therefore, we decided to make a list of the best slots to play in 2020. Let’s start with the first game, which is the Gold Records. 

Gold Records

Gold records are one of the best slots to play for online gambling players. As you might get from the name tag, the game is about the iconic popstar of the 1960’s Elvis Presley. The golden era of the music starts was long gone, but you can still enjoy casino games based on those superstars. The game is dedicated to one of the great musicians of all time, and the theme of the game is mainly praying Elvis and its fantastic guitar collection. It is a very creatively designed game that most of you would love for sure. 

If you are an online casino player who got bored because of playing the same old traditional slots, you need to check it out. Just like most of the classic slot games, Gold Records features a five-reel and three-row format. In addition to them, you will find around 15 winning paylines on which you would bet on. To get the winning in this slot game, all you need to do is to match at least three symbols on the same reels. Active paylines should capture those lines. Otherwise, you will not be able to win. 

Design of The Best Slots to Play

The main screen in the game is separated into two different parts. They are considered as the setting panel and the drums. In the setting panel, you can do various things to increase the game’s fun and effectiveness. It is up to you to change the sound effects, several paylines that you will play actively, the size of a bet that can be set as default, etc. 

There is an auto game mode in this slot that allows you to lean back and watch the game while enjoying the great wins. It is an adaptable and a customer-friendly game that will enable you to make custom changes into your gameplay and find the model that helps you to maximize the chance of winning. Most online casino slots offer only a fixed amount for paylines, which unfortunately disappoints players. If you would like to change them, you cannot do that in those casino games. However, Gold Records enables players to use whichever paylines they want and switch the numbers as they wish. 


There are a variety of great symbols in this game that will immediately grab your attention. The bar, lucky seven, and the numbers are the regular symbols. In addition to them, you will find Elvis’s microphone and the red guitar as the most valuable symbols of this slot machine game. Cadillac is the scatter of the game. You can easily use these symbols to enter the bonus round, in which the game will grant you several perks. Elvis’s sunglasses are the wild symbols of the game. It can be used in two different ways. In first, you can use it as a substitution for other symbols, and in the second, you can use them for multiplying the prizes. 


best slots to play

Cleopatra is one of the casino games that will blow your mind as soon as you enter the platform. As you might get from the casino slot’s name, the game is about and inspired by ancient Egypt. It is one of the online gambling platforms’ trends to bring the games about that theme and storyline. The beauty of the Cleopatra will catch your attention as soon as you start the game. This online slot gives you everything that you wanted from a stereotypical Egypt themed casino games.

The gambling experience would be enjoyable because you will get into an exciting place where Pharaoh’s rule. The game was developed in 2006. There are five reels and five rows in this slot. In addition to them, you will find around 20 of the winning paylines. You can bet the least deposit amount for 0.5 dollars and the highest for 10 dollars. It means that there is a chance for you to load up all the paylines for just 200 dollars and win multiple times more than that as soon as you could hit some of those paylines. 

Design and Bonuses

The design of the game is portraying old Egypt with Pharaoh’s castle and the great Sphinx. There are similar symbols, such as the Eye of the Ra, crook, and flail. Cleopatra is the wild card in the game. By using that symbol, you can replace any other one besides the scatter symbol. In addition to that, the lineup of three Cleopatra symbols can help you to advance to the bonus round.

The free spin and re-spin chances that this game provides you with are enormous. If you could match five sphinx symbols on any given realm, you will be rewarded with 180 free spin chances. Overall, it is a perfect game for low rollers and the casino players who do not want to risk it all on the line. With the smart and right budgeting strategy, you can win a considerable amount of money from this slot game. As one of the best slots to play, Cleopatra has managed to pay more than a million dollars. 

Best Slots to Play: Wolf Moon

It is another casino slot game that we will discuss in this article. Wolf Moon by Amatic is one of the best slots to play if you are seeking adventure and excitement in the online casino game. The story of the wolf will grab your attention as soon as you start the game. As you probably know, wolfs are wild animals that tend to live, hunt, and walk within the packs. This game ports the story of the white wolf that leaves the pack because of its desire to see the shining moon. The white wolf’s adventures will create a visual masterpiece for a slot machine player. The game design is unorthodox for a regular slot machine game, and it feels like a video game while you start playing. 

Rules and Gameplay

It is essential to know the rules of the slot machine game that you are going to play. Some players underestimate this factor, and that crucial mistake leads them to giant disappointments. The rules of this game are simple, just like in most of the slot games. All you need to do and know are the symbols, values, and some critical depositing strategies. With that said, it is one oft he best games that amateur casino players can enjoy freely. There are five reels and four rows in this slot game. In addition to them, you will enjoy having the ultimate forty winning pay lines, which are fixed.

So, that means, you need to pay on all of them to start the game or choose active/inactive pay lines before you start. You can begin to wagering from 1 dollar and go as high as 25 dollars per every pay line. There are many real money online casino slots that you find in the market today, but this classic has a special place for many gambling players because of the seamless design and high payout rate. As we already mentioned, the game has a higher payout rate than average, and it stands at 97.06 percent. The house edge for this slot is lower than 3 percent, which is great for winning more opportunities. It is short to a medium volatility slot machine that pays out quite often. The game offers max bet options to the high rollers who are ready to take this challenge and perform. 

Symbols and Bonuses

best slots to play

There are various characters in this slot machine, and as you might get from the name tag, the main character is the white wolf. It is also a wild symbol of the game. By lining up at least three white wolf figures on the reels, you can maximize your winning by multiplying them with 3. Bonuses are not only about multipliers, though. There is a gamble feature in this game, which helps many players bailout from hard losses. 

The game’s gamble feature is around in which you are offered two unanimous cards and asked to decide which one is the red color and which one is not. If you can guess the result right, you would be awarded a double reward, and if not, you will lose the progress till that time. After every significant win, you would be asked if you want to participate in a gamble game or not. So, it is a matter of choice for a player to risk it all or not. 

Best Slots to Play: Gonzo’s Quest

Whenever the conversation is about the slot machine games, this slot’s name always comes up to the mind. It is one of the most widely known slot games that we have in the online gambling business. It is one of the games that helped Net Entertainment establish itself as one of the best casino game developers. The game’s central theme and story are Gonzalo Pizarro, a historical figure and sail man conquering the lands with its great ships. 

In this game, you will get through the story of Gonzo’s adventures, who is trying to find the mysterious land Eldorado and take the gold. If you would like to continue the journey with Gonzo and reach the gold, you need to enter the platform. The game starts and continues like a video game because it has a storyline. Once you enter the game, you will get introduced to the short clip that portrays Gonzo’s story. Once the video clip stops, the most exciting part starts. The game has five reels and four rows. In addition to that, there are 20 fixed pay lines on which you can deposit from 1 dollar up to 15 dollars per every pay line.

Design of the Game 

On the main screen on the left side, you will see the Gonzo who is dancing around every time you win some money. The beauty of nature in Eldorado will blow your mind and catch your attention as soon as you get into the next rounds. The sound effects of the game go hand in hand with the overall theme of the gambling game. The sound of the waterfall will help you to feel the real jungle effect from Central America. 

While the reels are spinning, you will watch the beauty of the Inca temple. There are a lot of interesting symbols in this game. Gonzo’s Quest’s most important symbol is the wild, which is portrayed as the stone that has a golden question mark on it. Other characters are looking like wooden masks. The colorful masks can get you great prizes. The freefall symbol of the game can get you around ten free spins, which is an excellent opportunity for players. 


Starburst is another slot game that we wanted to include among the list of best slots to play. The game features vibrant colors and has a significant winning percentage for players. For most online slot games out there, this game has a higher win percentage than most of them, and as it is the low volatility slot, we should not be surprised when the winnings come seldom. The game was developed by one of the best in the industry- Net Entertainment and launched in 2012. It has a total of 10 paylines in addition to the five on five reels. One of the best features of this casino slot is that it has mobile and browser versions. So, you would not need to sit beside your computer to enjoy this great game. Instead, you can download the Starburst app from the app store and play wherever you want. 

The main symbols of the game are the colorful crystals that you can see on the reels. There are portrayed as stars, and they are shining like stars. Through the spins, if you can manage to get three consecutive symbols on any of them, you can win the game and take home the grand prize. There are two bonus rounds that this game offers to the players. First, it is a wild bonus, which means that you will see multiple the winning prize by three if you manage to line three of the wild symbols on the same reel. Another bonus of the game is won both ways on which you would win the significant reward, whether you get the scatter or the wild symbol on the reels. The key here is to get the scatter symbol in between the third and fifth symbol slots.  

Merry Fruits

best slots to play

Merry Fruits, as you might guess it from the name tag, is a viral fruit slot game. The reason for us to include this gaming title among the best slots to play is the innovativeness that this game brought to the gambling industry. While they took the classic fruit slot machine game, they did not act like the old school slot. Instead, they brought 3D effects into the gambling world while using the most archaic symbol choices. You can enjoy this game even if you are not really into the modern slot types. 

This game can appeal to multiple demographics of the gambling audience. There are five reels and three rows in this slot machine and the ten fixed pay lines. You can win the progressive jackpot at any given night while playing merry frits because the slot’s volatility is low, and the payout rate is as high as 97.6 percent. 

The main symbols in the game are fruits such as orange, banana, grape, peach, etc. The wild symbol of the game is lucky seven icons, and the scatter is the bar symbol. To boost your wins and get multipliers, you need to have at least three wild symbols on the reels, just like in any slot machine game that Amatic designs, this game is very colourful and has an excellent interface for players. You will get amusement from watching the cute little fruits while they are spinning to help you win the most significant rewards. 

VideoSlots: Do’s and Don’ts of Winning a Jackpot

It is not a surprise that both live land-based and online casino audiences love to play slots. The numbers back this argument up because videoslots are the most played online casino games in various parts of the world. The popularity of this game is increasing gradually as the new features, and updates excite players. Considering this popularity, many players think of questions like

  • How to win at videoslots?
  • Is there any way that can increase your chances?
  • Are they rigged?
  • How to beat video slot machines and so on.

In this guide, we will answer those questions by providing you with tips regarding that can increase your chances of winning video slot games.

Can you beat slot machines?

Online casino players have always questioned slot games’ validity. As a rule of thumb, you need to know that these are chance-based games. You cannot create a winning strategy that will work on every occasion. If you won the jackpot by that strategy, that does not necessarily mean that you will win every time or someone else can win with that strategy. Slots are different from blackjack, poker and that kind of gambling game in their nature. Even though luck is the crucial factor that determines the result, you can utilize some tactics in the slots. In the next few paragraphs, we will focus on those tactics and help you to better understand the process. 

Video Slot Tip #1

Playing higher denominations in hot slot games is one of the tactics that you can utilize. For instance, there is a higher chance of earning the prize if you play full dollar instead of quarters. In slots, the payback percentage for those games tends to be higher. That does not mean that every player needs to use only high denominations.

Depending on your choice of slot game, there are other factors such as entertainment value which can push you back from playing only those games that have high denominations. Keep in mind that you risk your money on the game and the higher the bet, the lost amount will be high as well. Let’s give an example for you to better understand how these slots work. Imagine that you play a video slot that has a 95 per cent payout rate. If you deposit three dollars on each three pay lines, the average loss amount will be higher than paying only 40 cents on the slot that has 40 pay lines. 

Video Slot Tip #2


While playing progressive video slot games, there are certain things that you need to pay attention to. Keep in mind that these games offer higher jackpots which accumulated from percentages of the wager by players. It is a rule of progressive videoslots that only eligible players can have a chance at winning the jackpot. For instance, imagine a five coin slot machine that is progressive. On that machine, if you continuously play two or three coins on pay lines, you would not be able to participate in the jackpot round or win it. Online video slot jackpots tend to offer multi-tiered levels that start from two and end in 12. These levels determine how much you can win in case you earn the jackpot. Typically, many videoslots come with four levels which are

  1. Mini
  2. Minor
  3. Major
  4. And Grand

Depending on your bet size for every round, your score would be considered for either one of these levels in progressive slots.

Our recommendation is to seek for games that have higher jackpots and pay enough to make sure that you are eligible for that jackpot amount. For those of you who do not have enough capacity, go with non-progressive slots and enjoy those games. 

Video Slot Tip #3

Choosing the games that fit your playing style and meets your needs is the best decision that you can make in online gambling platforms. The entertainment value of those games will be much higher. Do not settle on one game that irritates you just because you have slightly more chances of winning. For instance, if you play three-reel arcade videoslots, the progressive jackpot of those games will be higher. However, the hit frequency of the classic type of slots is lower, which can result in failure for players. You can lose a massive amount in these games while trying to win.

Not every player likes that kind of game that involves such high risk. Rather than that, they prefer playing multi-reel slots that have creative designs, great visual representation and tight hit frequency. The single jackpot win that you can accumulate from three-reel slots is exceptionally high. However, you need to think about whether or not it’s worth playing. 

Video Slot Tip #4

There is a term in the online gambling business which is called prime the pump. Some players are classified like that. It means that a player starts small and gradually increases their wagers with hopes to hit the jackpot. The primary reason for players to think that it can work is about payback percentage. If you pay high enough deposit, the payback percentage of the videslots will start to increase. It happens on almost every slot game, and players who experienced this created this method for increasing their chances. Keep in mind that, placing the same bets without increasing the money on paylines would not work for you while utilizing this method.  

Illegal VideoSlots Tactics that Worked Back Then

In every business that involves cash charges, there will be enough people that want to do illegal things. In land-based casinos, that was one of the main concerns by players who wanted to experience fairness. With online casinos, the system became harder for criminals to take advantage of. With increased security measures, the fairness of gambling games ensured. Let’s discuss some of the cheats that are regularly used by gambling players.

A String Theory

smartphone casinos

In land-based casinos where only three-reel slot machines were available, some players used string theory to take advantage of the gaming machines. The method includes a string and a coin. Players were dropping the coins into machines and slightly taking them back with the help of those strings. After several people used this method, gambling platforms took measures and built more secure coin acceptors. That was the main reason why casinos switched their system and started using tickets for playing. 

Fake Coins

Another similar method was about fake coins and slugs. During the time when metal prices were down, some players created fake coins or slugs that exactly matched the weight and size of the actual coins. Just like we mentioned before, improved coin recognition in slot machines and ticket use stopped these actions too. 

Magnetic Force of Videoslots

This is another method that cheaters used while playing slot machines. With the help of magnets, players could make the reels float slightly as soon as it started to stop on wrong symbols. In the 1960s and ’70s, this method helped many gamblers to earn great prizes. However, as the technology improved, more sensitive machines were created, which made it impossible for establishing contact with reels through magnets. 

Final Thoughts

Videoslots gained new features and became more complex and fun as time went by. Now, players have access to 3D slots, VR or even live playing slots through their device screens. There is no doubt that you will enjoy those games because of their video game type visual effects and improved functionality. However, do not try to take unfair advantage through cheating and trying to rig the games. Instead, improve your gameplay through these types of valuable tips and get the best out of your gambling experience. 

Foolproof Questions and Answers To Slots For Sale

Purchasing slots for sale requires one to have a vast amount of knowledge of the business. The online casino business is by far the most successful business model on the internet. There are over thousands of users, and the business itself keeps growing every day. Being part of this business requires an opportunistic business person to have the particular knowledge to run and maintain the online casino business.

To choose the best slot machine for sale, one has to look at its software provider. Choosing the best slots for sale solely depends upon the software provider, meaning what kind of services and games they offer. To select the best software providers, one has to look at its business practices and reputation among other online casino service providers. Let’s discover the services and games particular online casinos have to offer.

Slots for sale: What to Expect from the Software Provider

Choosing the ultimate software provider is like choosing your first car, and when you choose your first car, you expect the car to operate efficiently and take you from point A to B without making any problems. And of course, since it is your first car purchase, that’s all you’re going to expect from the car. Well, that’s how operating your first online casino is like when you purchase your first slot machine for sale. You want the slot machine to operate without requiring you to have vast amounts of knowledge about the software. That’s why it is necessary to choose the ultimate software provider. So how do you choose the best one? Here are some lists of things to consider about the software of the slots for sale and general knowledge you can have before making any serious purchases.

The Software Provider Must Provide the Most Terrific Games

 slots for sale

What would an online casino be without games? Well, the answer to this question might be easy, but the science behind it is not so easy. Gamblers are looking for slot games to gamble, but not just any games. They want games to have the best themes, soundtrack, and gameplay; it is their right as a customer.

Gamblers are looking to spend time with a game that gives them joy and entertainment at the same time. They are not looking to play for a quick ten or twenty minutes and be done with it. They are looking to invest in a game that gives them the adrenaline each time they spin the reel of a slot game. That’s why few best online slot games are loved by most gamblers; they are hooked to their screens each time they spin the reels because the outcome is unpredictable. Let’s discover the science of the slot games:

HD quality

It seems a little unlikely, right? A slot game with high definition quality. Well, don’t be surprised. It is a standard of today’s gambling. Reliable software providers offer the ultimate game graphics and the best high definition quality. Gamblers enjoy their popular slot games now with 720p, 1080p, or even 4K. Technology has done a pretty good job in terms of gambling and its services.

Can a player gamble without a physical gambling machine?

Yes, the term “online casino” is the true definition of gambling in any smart device that has a screen. Slot games now are available in juFoolproof Questions and Answers To Slots For Sale about most smart devices, whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or PC. How does that happen? Games are all based on a server meaning the games are cloud-based. So is that good? Of course, it is, software providers offer this kind of service for a reason. It is easy to update the games and their security without forcing gamblers to update the games frequently, as you would see on any video games.

How can I make my online casino and its website attractive?

If you ever visited a physical land-based casino, you probably have come across many attractive sights. To be honest, some physical land-based casinos look like Disney World with so many themes and attractive buildings it feels like heaven.

Well, if you are going to operate an online casino and its website, you need to bring the same experience at least some part of it to your online casino. However, using too many advertisements and tabs is not recommended. Keeping it minimal and attractive at the same time is a must.

Wait, cloud-based servers?

As mentioned before, for the ultimate experience for your gamblers as well as for you, your software provider must provide reliable servers for your online casino. That means security and software updates frequently, including gambler identity, that you can access at any time to resolve any game issues.

Services to provide for your gamblers

What kind of services? Services are needed to ensure customer satisfaction. And some of those services are as follows:


Providing bonuses to your players ensures loyalty; This is simple every time your user enters the game; just offer them a free spin option or even after they are done with the game. It might be a little kindness, but it comes a long way. It shows how much you appreciate your gamblers’ time and their investment in the game.


Just like in any business practice promoting your users is a must, especially for loyal and novice players. For novice players offering the chance of VIP gameplay for their first time in your casino ensures them becoming loyal to your online casino. For loyal players offering them VIP spins and promoting them with ranks in your online casino ensures not only their satisfaction but also attracts new users.

Electronic payment systems

The software providers must provide the necessary e-payment systems to your gamblers. Why? Because the more e-payment systems you have, the more players you will attract. It is also worth noting, ask for cryptocurrency features as well when purchasing slots for sale from your preferred software provider.

Rules and Drools

Your users might drool and find it annoying to read a bunch of rules and guidelines before they can proceed with the gameplay, but it ensures your casinos and your users’ safety. Casinos are no joke, and you can face severe consequences if you don’t provide the necessary guidelines for your gamblers.

Is that all it takes to operate an online casino?

 slots for sale

No, the services mentioned above are just some of the things to consider before purchasing casino slots for sale. But no worries, if you choose the ultimate service provider, not only the services mentioned above will be taken care of for you, but you will also operate an online casino with the best games. 

So how do gamblers differentiate the best games? Players are picky, and by picky meaning, they look at not just the graphics, gameplay, and the soundtrack; they also expect an excellent Return to Player ratio and payout lines.

Here are some of the casino slots of VegasX. They are the best in class with all of the features that are necessary for an online casino business.

Magic Idol

Long ago, people used to worship magic idols believing they can solve their food shortages or bring happiness to their lives. Well, some parts of the world still do. But that’s not the case here. This Magic Idol will ensure your satisfaction with ten-reels and five-payout lines, including magical 96% RTP.

Magic Owl

If you ever watched Harry Potter, you might remember the guy had a magical owl named Hedwig. Well, he wasn’t much of a use other than bringing Harry’s mails. But with this Magic Owl might not deliver your mail or emails but it can bring some serious profit with its five-reels and fifty-payout lines, including magical 96% RTP. Harry’s Hedwig can’t come close to what your magical owl will bring in this video slot game.

In conclusion

Whether you are starting an online casino business or trying to get information, there are always few things to consider before purchasing slots for sale or slot machines for sale. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you will be alright for most of the online casino journey. Nevertheless, there are a lot of slots for sale, and purchasing one will bring happiness to your business journey!

Why Buy Slots Games and Why It’s Essential to Online Gambling

What is a slot game, and why buy slots games? If you are considering starting an online casino business, including slot games, it is a must. Slot games are the number one choice of most gamblers. The reason being there are many variations of slot games, for instance, players have the choice of enjoying slots such as 3 Reel Slots, Video Slots, Classic Slots, and Progressive Slots. All these variations make slot gaming entertaining and adventurous. Additionally, there are many genres of slot games that makes it stand out from other gambling games. Before you buy slots games, let’s discover why it is essential to an online casino business.

Buy Slots Games: The Essentials

Slot games possess many rich features that are special to only them. For instance, they have rich themes, soundtracks, and gameplay. What makes them so special is their game of chance feature. Random Number Generator operates the slot games. What this means is knowing the outcome of the game is impossible, and this is the number one reason why gamblers prefer slot games over any other type of gambling game.

Buy slots games the essentials part 2

Slot games come in different sizes and shapes. For instance, a gambler has the chance of spinning slot games of one, two, three, five, and seven reels. Additionally, they have their symbols, and these symbols have different kinds of bonuses. A slot game exists in the following manner:

Reel Slot Games

buy slots games

The basics of reel slot games are simple. The reels are in the vertical positions on the grid, after the user inserts the coin the spinning takes place. If the user gets lucky, the symbols will match across a set of 3, 5, or 7 reels depending on the structure of the slot game. If the users are unlucky, there will be mixed symbols that do not positively affect the user’s winning.

The outcome of the game is unknown, and predicting it is impossible because Random Number Generator runs the game.  

Video Slot Games

Video slot games have the same working structure as the reel slot games. For instance, RNG also decides the game’s outcome, and the users have to also place their money before wagering. The difference between a reel slot game and the video slot game is in its bonus events and scatter pays. Additionally, video slot games are rich in their themes and gameplay. 

Bonus and Free Spin Slot Games

Both of these methods are available in every kind of slot game. Bonus slots are triggered when the gambler gets lucky with certain symbols, which enables them a bonus spin. Free spins are also triggered by this method. Additionally, the free spin slots have the advantage of being used for a lot longer when compared to bonus spins.

How Slots Games Work

Slots games are popular among casino games, but how do they work? There are many steps for a successful slot game operation, and it’s working structure. Learning that will help you when you buy slots games. Let’s discover it in detail.

While the slot games have become sophisticated and changed considerably in their themes, soundtracks, and gameplay, one thing that did not change is their working structure. Believe it or not, looking back at the first slot game and comparing it to the newly made hot slot games, the working mechanism is the same; all the gambler does is spin the reels and wait for the matching symbols. If the symbols appear in either by singularly or in combination, the player wins a specific reward through the payout.

When comparing this to mechanical slot machine games, the difference is night and day. The mechanical slot machine games are operated by metal parts such as levers and gears—the reels held together by metal rods. To stop the reels, a mechanism named “coin detector” gets activated after a particular spin time. It then unlocks the braking system, and it also controls the payouts.

How Online Slot Games Work

Online slot games are operated through game data servers that are controlled by the casino software provider. This ensures safe and secure high-quality gameplay for the gamblers since the games are cloud-based.

Random Number Generator

The moment the slot game starts, the RNG starts to read and write different and complex numbers. After the slot reels are spun in the game, the RNG already decides the outcome. And when the reels stop, the winning symbols (numbers) get divided among the reels. The RNG also decides the equivalent numbers in the reels and stops by matching them to the figures in the game. As stated before, these numbers are all random. Meaning some will give small prizes. Some will give good prizes, and some will give the ultimate prize.

The best slot games to take include in your online casino

Before you buy slots games, you have to discover the best slot games since you are planning on attracting many gamblers. And these gamblers are looking for games that offer the best return to player ratio and payout feature. Here are some best slot games that you can invest in.

Admiral Nelson

Admiral Nelson is a superb slot game to buy. You are a military explorer who is traveling the seven seas in hopes of finding glorious treasures to bring back to England. It is one of those video slot games that offer fantastic high-definition gameplay. And it is enjoyed by many online gamblers. The game also supports a bonus spin, but it is only activated if the player can land the ship on the reels. The game offers 97% RTP with ten paylines and five reels. 

Billy’S Game

This game has a detective scene set to it. The gamblers play as detective Billy who is in search of stolen treasures. The fun part is that finding the treasure is super easy. Additionally, if the players can spin nine same symbols on the reels, their winnings double. The game offers 96% RTP with three-reels. 

Fruit Slot Games 

buy slots games

Bells on Fire

Gamblers love fruit slot games, and this online casino game is no different. Love it or hate it, fruit games have been and always will be popular. Why? Because of their mixed entertaining fruit features and its colors. Fruit games like Bells on Fire bring the excitement of online gambling. The game offers a lot of fruits like oranges, grapes, and plums. 

The game offers 96% RTP with five-reels and forty paylines.

All Ways Fruits

Another fruit game with vibrant and colorful fruits the games also provides the high-definition quality for any smart device. 

The game offers 94.97%RTP with five- reels, and 243 paylines.


Fruitilicious is another popular slot game that has a massive rank in online casinos. It has the same features as any other fruit slot game. 

The game offers 95.00% RTP with five reels.

In conclusion

Whether you are looking to buy slots games or online casino games, choosing the best software provider for the job is a must. Purchase casino games that will be worth your time and money. Don’t purchase casino games that will not have a good outcome in your online casino. Vegas-X is a casino software provider that has a vast amount of slot games and online casino games. With its services and games, your online casino will flourish like no other.

Meet the Slot Game Developers That Create Your Favorite Games

By the time, the number of slot games produced goes up substantially. It is done from the producer side to respond to the increasing demand from the customer side. This demand has caused a considerable rise in the number of slot game developers, too. That said, a few companies develop the majority of the casino games you play. Do you wonder what the names are behind the mind-blowing and fun games you enjoy? Then go ahead and get acquainted with the top 5 slot machine manufacturers in the world. 

What Are the Greatest Slot Game Developers?


Established in 2013, Yggdrasil is one of the most popular slot game developers worldwide. It is a Malta-based company. Yet Yggdrasil has expanded to numerous other countries, too. The developer is primarily known for its premium-quality online casino software

Yggdrasil is relatively new compared to other dominant companies in the industry. Due to this, the number of games offered by them is comparatively few. Nevertheless, slot game fans are amazed by the highest level of technology leveraged in the developments by Yggdrasil. The company knows how to make online gambling players happy. So, they use multiple advanced features in the games to introduce the most exciting games in the industry. 

The story behind the unique name of this developer is quite interesting, too. It comes from Nordic mythology. There was a tree named Yggdrasil. And that tree possessed a close bond with Norse Gods. Inspired by this story, the founders of the company have named Yggdrasil.

Some of the popular games by Yggdrasil are Vikings, Nirvana, Seasons, etc.

Evolution Gaming

Another highly prominent name in the industry is Evolution Gaming. One of the slot game developers of lovely games, the company was established in 2006. Evolution Gaming primarily produces live dealer casino slots. Their broadcast studios are located in Latvia, Malta, and the UK. 

You can find their games in a lot of casino sites. That is because of the premium quality of the live dealer slot machines by Evolution Gaming. For instance, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack are more famous games that you can play both on your smartphone and desktop. 

The live games of Evolution Gaming usually happen in top-quality studios. In such places, beautiful ladies are typically visible to recreate a genuine casino environment. 


Slot Game Developers

When talking about the top slot game companies, it would be a sin to forget Microgaming. It is one of the leading slot game developers with over 25 years of experience. During these years, they have produced more than 450 casino games. These games include both table games and slot games. Also, in terms of the number of games created, they are arguably the industry leader. Microgaming states that they are the pioneers of online casino games, too. 

You will notice the user-friendly and simple interface in Microgaming casino games. Their games will grab your attention with truly original designs, as well. In fact, it is one of the main motives for why many casino operators prefer Microgaming products.  

At some point, the company saw the need to remain influential in the online casino market of Europe. For this, Microgaming produced multiple casino games based on popular films and video games. Tomb Raider and Batman are just two of them. I must emphasize that you can play Microgaming products on multiple platforms. And that again shows their high quality. 

Further, the company has established multiple progressive jackpot games. They did it to raise the loyalty of players in the long-term. Expectedly, it enticed a large number of people to casinos. Major Millions and Mega Moolah are just a few examples of them. 

So far, the company has got into the live casino field. They are now trying to be a market leader in this realm, too. 

Some of the top-rated games by Microgaming are Kathmandu, The Dark Knight Rises, Baccarat Gold, and more. Bear in mind that the initial online casino game by this company was released in 1994. 

Play’n Go

The next company featuring in our slot game developers list is Play’n Go. The Swedish-based slot game development company was founded in 1997. Since then, they have mainly focused on satisfying casino demands from Europe. As of now, the company has acquired significant gambling licenses in several European countries. They include Gibraltar, Malta, UK, etc. 

Until now, Play’n Go has produced over 50 games. These casino games range from video poker to slot games and table games. There are some reasons why many casino operators select games developed by Play’n Go. And it is due to the innovative features and unique components of these games. At the same time, the company ensures its online slots have responsive designs. By that, the operators using games of Play’n Go can offer games both for mobile and desktop platforms. 

Some of the most popular games by Play’n Go are Gemix, Mystery Joke, Pimped, and others.

Net Entertainment

Also known as NetEnt, Net Entertainment was established in 1996. Currently, the company is one of the top 5 slot machine manufacturers in the world. It is very likely that you have heard of this company, too. They have been able to get all the critical awards in the casino sphere until now. 

NetEnt has developed more than 200 games up to this moment. Extremely popular games of them enjoyed by millions of people are Spinata Grande, Starburst, Glow, etc. 

The main distinct nuance about the casino games produced by Net Entertainment is the progressive technology. The games are also famous for their attractive design. Note that it is quite an essential point for both operators and players. Players are looking for games with enticing designs to feel more comfortable. And operators use such games in their casinos to attract more players.

In brief, I can name NetEnt the king of slot game creators. Certainly, I do not want to underrate any other top-rated companies. But for me, NetEnt has proven to be the best casino developer in recent years.

Meet Vegas-X – The Casino Company of the Future

Slot Game Developers

You are already aware of the top 5 slot machine manufacturers. Now I will make you familiar with one of the slot game developers that you will be delighted to meet. Vegas-X, is a relatively new company in the industry. But they have already been able to satisfy the demands of casino players. And day by day, the number of casino operators using their services is going up. 

Despite its age, this company has produced quite a few slot games. This factor has made the company a favorite of many casino operators.  

Bear in mind that Vegas-X has produced games with diverse themes. That is another factor why customers love the games by this developer.


Now you are aware of the most popular slot game developers in the world. Do not forget that they are the producers of the games you enjoy. That said, by the time, some other companies join this competition. And one of them deserving mention is Vegas-X.

I hope you found this article helpful. To be aware of more informative and useful articles, do not forget to check out our blogs page. 

Android Casino Games You Wish You Knew Before

Do you fancy playing casino games on your smartphone? Then you have come to the right place. I know that many people do not usually have time to go to the land-based casinos or open up their laptop to play slot games. It is precisely where mobile casino games come to your help. That said, it is a little challenging to choose the best games that you can play on your android smartphone. There are thousands of games, and you have no clue what to choose. That is okay. This confusion of yours will disappear after reading this article. Here, I will discuss the android casino games you wish you knew before. But better late than never. From now on, you will be able to enjoy the best android slot games on your phone. 

The Best Android Casino Games You Do not Play

android casino games

Wolf Reels

One of the games that I could not forget to add to this category is Wolf Reels. One of the unique aspects of this slot game that I particularly appreciate is its design. Though it is an ideal game for Android, the creators have been able to make its design very attractive. At the same time, the sound effects of Wolf Reels will leave you mesmerized. 

You can make winning in four ways here. These are red, silver, gold, platinum. To earn real cash, as well as, enticing bonuses, you have to pass these stages. 

Also, to win, you need to find the correct components in time. For instance, finding the Wild element at the right time will increase your winnings substantially. 

Long story short, one of the best mobile gambling games you must play is Wolf Reels. So, play it, enjoy the mesmerizing design and sound, and win some real money. 


Bingo is another one of android casino games that would be unfair to exclude from this list. Note that this game has not always been an online game. In fact, people used to play it in land-based casinos previously. Due to the increased demand, now it is available in online platforms, too. And it is great news because you can play this awesome game from your smartphone irrespective of your location.

Now that you have a little background information regarding this slot machine, now let’s move on to gameplay. The rules of Bingo are quite simple. Depending on the game platform you use, there will be 30, 80, and 90-ball games. To win money, all you have to do is to fill the columns with the proper numbers shown above them.

Bingo is also a perfect game for everyone. In other words, regardless of their age, any person can play and enjoy this game. And its popularity rises day by day due to profitable and straightforward gameplay. In short, I advise you to play it on the Vegas-X platform to ensure a much safer game environment.

White Buffalo

The next game featuring in our list – White Buffalo will take you through the winter of North America. You will get acquainted with the unique natures of animals, myths related to their existence, etc. And the theme of the popular slot game is based on an authentic animal, White Buffalo. The massive interest in this animal is due to the sacred beliefs of American Indians for it. 

Speaking of its gameplay, it is effortless. And this specification makes it easy for anyone to play. All you have to do is to make a wager and push the Spin button. You will observe various animals, such as mountain sheep, deer, buffaloes, etc. 

Note that there are line numbers ranging from 1 to 25. And before you start this game, you have to choose the desired number from this group. After that, you will have to choose the wager amount. Once you do it, you can now press the Spin button to start. 

As you can see, in terms of graphics, theme, gameplay, and other features, White Buffalo is one of the android casino games you want to play. 

Totally Wild

android casino games

Are you a fan of flora and fauna? Do you fancy traveling through an untouched jungle? Then get familiar with Totally Wild. The primary element of this casino game is the great jaguar. Thanks to Totally Wild, now you can safely travel through Amazon. You will even be able to earn some real cash when doing it on your phone. 

Totally Wild will provide you with the most amazing adventures and incredible feelings since there will be a substantial chance at the end. From the initial moments of enjoying this game, you will already sense the typical jungle atmosphere with monkeys jumping across the trees. On top of those trees, you will also observe rainbow-colored toucans which will be accompanied by the noise of frogs. 

Further, the slot game has 20 game rows. I highly recommend you to play in the bonus session, too. It will significantly increase your chance of getting a more considerable winning amount. Keep in mind that it is not such a huge challenge to access the bonus round. The waterfall that drops together with any Scatter symbol will take you there. 

In general, there are 15 free spins that you can use. In the bonus session, you will get even larger assistance from the waterfall to get a more considerable multiplication of winning. From the list of 20 lines and five reels, all you have to do is select the correct one. And voila, you will find yourself wealthy.

In brief, Totally Wild is one of the must-try android slot games that you should start playing and winning as soon as possible. 


The last game I want to introduce to you is Billyonaire. One of the most popular games in the gambling slots world, its availability as an online casino, has made millions of casino fans happy. Now, you can, too, play it anywhere, anytime, by just opening your smartphone. The bonus game with five reels and 40 lines will make you fall in love with it, when your winnings start to come. 

Do you wonder what a billionaire’s life looks like? If yes, then you will literally observe it, and by observing, you will even earn some money. Billy, who is the main protagonist of Billyonaire, starts his day with a cup of high-quality Earl Grey tea. By helping him with it, you will earn 500 coins. He will want to read a newspaper while sipping his tea. You will again want to help him as it will earn you another 750 coins. And when he wants to visit the casino, you will want to ride him there. Well, it will bring you a vast profit summing 5000 coins. You do not want to miss this chance. 

Apart from its popularity, I particularly like Billyonaire due to its gameplay and theme. These are also the contributive factors making it one of the best android casino games


Being able to play casino games on your smartphone is a subtle luxury. But it should not be so anymore. With the advancements in technology, now almost every popular land-based casino game is available on smartphones. So, you can play many android casino games without leaving home. If you found the article useful, do not forget to check out other related articles on our page. 

A Guide to Playing Real Online Casino Slots in 2021

Today slot games have become the backbone of online casinos. They require no elaborate or strategic planning and are the easiest, most fun to play at the same time. After a few decades into the casino scene, slot games are now available in every shape and size. There has been a complete revolution from the classic 3-reel slots then to 7-reel, 3D slots today. You can choose themes that tingle your senses the most and narratives that arouse your imagination. Have you been playing and enjoying real online casino slots too? You will be pleased to know that online casinos also offer you the opportunity to win real cash. 

Enjoy AND earn money this new year! This is indeed a cherry on the cake. We are here to provide you a great resource in the form of a guide. There are many things to keep in the account before you risk your precious dollars on the web this year. Stay tuned to know the best way to play real online casino slots and win heaps of money.

Part A – Choosing the Best Online Casino Slot Platform

Nowadays, many online platforms claim to be the best. Don’t just take their word for it. There are many checks you need to perform before you invest your money in any agency. Your experience must be safe and legal so that you can gamble responsibly.

For this, you not only need to choose a reliable platform but also ensure that the games are fun to play. At Vegas-X, we offer you plenty of secure slot games to play. At the same time, we also advise that you don’t play solely for monetary benefit. Let financial windfall remain the small cherry, and entertainment be the predominant aim. This is a two-fold process.

1. Knowing the reliability –

· Online gambling is legal in the US, according to the US Federal Law. However, this is not so everywhere. States that have legalized gambling are – Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

· Make sure that the prospective real online casino slots have a valid gambling license. You can easily find accreditation on their website and in about sections. Some platforms will boast awards too. Carry out thorough research and list your best options.

· Real online casino slots use provably fair software. It means that TNT approves its RNG – Random Number Generator. TNT stands for Technical Systems Testing. In simpler terms, it is an assurance that the house does not cheat and that you have a fair chance of winning. The results are not pre-meditated.

· If they offer many options for investing money – online wallets and cryptocurrency, it’s a good sign.

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2. Knowing the quality –

real online casino slots

·   Online gambling slots that have games with excellent graphics are deemed to be more trustworthy. If these are good, it means that the games will be fun to play and also be interactive. No one wants to struggle playing games that continuously lag.

· Read reviews by real online players on forums. Their feedback is trustworthy. If overall feedback is positive, it is a good sign.

· Check for the volatility and return rates. A higher volatility rate (risk rate) also means that the returns will be higher. The denominations must be high. This way, you have a better chance of winning.

· Check that the bonuses and pay-out amounts are generous. You can quickly know this from player’s reviews.

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Part B – Bankroll Management and Strategizing

When you invest your precious money in real online casino slots, you should know that the loss is inevitable. Wins and losses are two sides of the same coin. We know this sounds cliched, but it’s the truth. You can ensure to make the best use of your money with online casino games with the following recommendations.

· Bankroll Management is a must. You should determine the amount of money you will use in advance. Some people believe that after constant losing, you are inevitably set to win. This can become a vicious circle where you keep waiting but never win. It is tempting, but you must know when to stop in situations like these.

· As underlined, you must not become an addictive spendthrift while gambling. It is unsatisfying to leave without any winnings, but make sure that you stick to your rules. Do not overuse the auto-play button in slot games.

· Even though real online casino slots need no strategizing, but there are still some things to keep in mind as you play. Use sign-up bonuses as soon as possible so that they don’t expire. We also have video slot strategy so you can win even more!

· Start by playing games in demo modes. Once you get the hang of them, start by investing low amounts of money. You can raise the bets gradually. This is the safest way to start playing.

Your Playing Style Helps Too

real online casino slots

Vegas-X not only brings you secret tips but also practical advice to play online slots. Strategizing also depends on what kind of a player you are. If you are self-aware, you can choose the most suitable games for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions to determine this –

· Do you look for games where you can spend more? Are you a big risk taker? If yes, it means that you can invest in games with big denominations easily.

· Are you a patient player? If yes, you will find big jackpot games to be your best bet. Progressive jackpots will suit you too. The more patient you are, the more are your chances to win. Everyone should inculcate this quality to make the most out of real online casino slots.

· Are you impatient and uncontrollably so? Strategize differently to make this an advantage. You may play online slots with less generous but regular pay-outs. This way, you will not be discouraged too soon. These games offer you many ways to reach the same outcome. If you crave novelty and like being surprised, you will like such slot games.

Beware of Myths and Fallacies

In this day and age, it’s common to fall prey to myths about real online casino slots. However, the latest technology of RNG and rigorous checks makes it impossible for the house to cheat or even for players to indulge in any malicious activities. Online slots work on algorithms that make them random to the core. It is also a noteworthy fact that real online casino slots do pay actual money to players. Many have even turned their life around owing to them! If you play as per the persisting standards and keep the guide above fresh in your memory, you will surely come out victorious too.

Too Much More Fun…

 This segment taught you how to play real online casino slots and win money. There is still much more in store! At Vegas-X, we offer you the best casino related resources, information, and software solutions. We have the safest online casino software, sweepstakes, and internet café software – a range of secure tools that pass rigorous security tests for the best gaming experience on the web. We also offer a plethora of games which are perfect for that adrenaline rush you always crave.