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The Best Bitcoin Casino For Sale Solutions

by Jack Morgan

Posted on February 22nd, 2020

The Best Bitcoin Casino For Sale Solutions

Crypto casinos represent the current big sensation in the online gambling world. Even though cryptocurrency, more exactly Bitcoin, made its debut in the industry in 2013, its popularity grew only now. Maybe it’s the fact that there are over 1000 cryptocurrencies available, maybe it’s the bitcoin casino software, we can’t put our fingers on it. However, it is safe to say that investing in a bitcoin casino for sale is an excellent decision that is full of benefits.

Business owners can start their own platform and build it from A to Z, hire a professional, or purchase a crypto casino for sale solution. These decisions are very important because they direct the faith of the online casino. Keep on reading and find out more information about Bitcoin casino for sale, how they work, and whether they are profitable or not. 

1. Short Crypto Casino History

The use of cryptocurrency in gambling started trending in 2011, 3 years after Bitcoins release. It appeared on an online poker website, where all transactions used digital currency. Shortly after, one of the first adopters of Bitcoin released the primary form of a bitcoin casino for sale.

It was working only on Bitcoin, and in a short period of time, it became responsible for more than half of transactions on the network. This event also helped Bitcoin become what it is today and reach historical value. Today, 1 BCT is worth almost 10.000$ dollars, but it fluctuates quite often. 

In 2013, we all witnessed the opening of the first established blockchain casino in the world and the moment that changed everything. The website received plenty of recognition from the industry, it attracts more gamblers, and the currency’s rate increased tremendously.

By the end of the year, the blockchain casino made history with one user winning around 1.65$ million dollars in BCT coins. This even attracted regulations and the release of bitcoin casinos for sale licenses by the year 2016.

bitcoin casino for sale

The first-ever licensed¬†crypto casino¬†opened its digital gates in 2014, attracting other cryptocurrency giants and determining the opening of hundreds of other online casinos. Not a lot changed in the past six years, things settled down following a normal pace. This pattern allows us to say that there can’t be a better time to start looking for a bitcoin casino for sale, than this.¬†

2. Are Crypto Casinos Different?

Bitcoin casino for sale is different from regular online gambling websites, not only because of the currency but because of the software as well. Bitcoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies, work on something called Blockchain software. It is very much different than any other online casino software out there, and it also comes with several benefits. 

Blockchain software is literally a chain of blocks. Each of these blocks contains encrypted information about transactions. In our case, the operations come from a crypto casino or a group on online casinos. As users keep gambling and transferring money, more blocks add up to the chain, kind of like a journal or a diary.

Like most people hide their logs,¬†Blockchain encrypts and secures the data and other additional pieces of information. This feature increased Blockchain’s popularity and brought it in the gambling world. Security and, more importantly, privacy was essential problem of the gambling community over the years. Now, if you choose a bitcoin casino for sale, you have the chance to revolutionize all aspects regarding safety.¬†

bitcoin casino for sale

3. The Bitcoin Casino Software 

The bitcoin casino solution is a cross between Blockchain and regular sweepstakes software. It comes with a server, a casino platform, and a well-designed website, game integration, CMS, and lastly, payment systems. The payment options include cryptosystems as well, but not a lot of developers choose to stay on one lane only. 

Recent research shows that online gamblers enjoy having multiple options, especially when it comes to payments. Cryptosystems are a considerable upgrade and offer many benefits to players and business owners, starting with lower fees. As we mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency casinos have their own share of the market, because they deal with cryptocurrencies only. However, if you are looking for a bitcoin casino for sale, it should include multiple payment options. This feature guarantees more clients and better engagement with them. 

4. Bitcoin Casino For Sale Solutions

Now that we all know that the bitcoin casino software for sale is safer yet not much different than its older sibling, its time to check our options. Bitcoin casino for sale solutions take the form of Turnkey and Whitelabel casinos. If you are familiar with the online gambling market and its trends, you already know that Whitelabel wins versus Turnkey casinos. When it comes to internet casinos and bitcoin casino solutions, Turnkey solutions seem to conquer the market. 

bitcoin casino for sale

Turnkey casinos allow more flexibility and more changes on the casino platform. When it comes to bitcoin casinos for sale, the first and crucial step is the creation of an e-wallet account. All transactions will go through the manager’s e-wallet at some point, so without it, the platform will crash.¬†

5. Bitcoin Casino For Sale – Script Only

This solution is something you’ll see only in blockchain casinos and bitcoin casino software for sale. There are so many already-established online casinos that want to include cryptocurrency on their websites with minimal expenses. Online casino software providers created the crypto casino solution that works as an extension. It is a code you need to integrate on your gambling platform, and yes- you can do it by yourself. It has a low price compared to another crypto casino for sale solutions, but it requires plenty of attention.¬†

6. Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos 

bitcoin casino for sale

Crypt casinos offer a lot of benefits to both players and managers, making it hard not to include it on your website. The most important aspect is the anonymity of the players and their data and payments. 

Second of all, online casino owners are more independent and freed from the harsh gambling laws. Cryptocurrency gambling is relatively new, and because of its benefits, most countries chose to leave the market as it is. This decision leads to a small set of rules and a lot of permittivity coming from Europe and the United States. 

On top of that, you get plenty of flexibility and marketing opportunities as a manager while your customers enjoy the wide choice of online casino games. The unique website design, financial security, and the fast transaction rate are all essential factors when it comes to a bitcoin casino for sale.

7. Conclusion 

In conclusion, the best bitcoin casino for sale solutions are quite the same as the regular casino ones. However, the bitcoin casino program guarantees safety, data privacy, and the absence of limitations, making it a great business idea. There’s a solution ready for you, no matter at what stage your¬†gambling business¬†is.¬†

If you are a newbie in the gambling world, you can hire a professional and build a crypto casino together. If you are too excited to start your new business, choose a Turnkey or a Whitelabel casino solution, and you’ll have everything ready. Finally, if you already own an online casino but you’d like to upgrade your website, choose the crypto casino solution. You’ll integrate cryptosystems on your platform in the blink of an eye.¬†

A bitcoin casino for sale represents the jackpot for many business owners. It is hard to say the contrary when it keeps every information under lock in such a public world and offers many other advantages. We highly recommend crypto casino solutions and bitcoin casino software for sale products for every gambling fanatic out there!

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