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Why Turnkey Casino is Considered as Your Best Deal?

by Isabella Mason

Posted on April 14th, 2020

Why Turnkey Casino is Considered as Your Best Deal?

The recently growing interest in the casino industry should not cause a surprise. People find out the business potential of this sector and rush to invest in it. That said, not many people get the return they expect before establishing the business. There is only one simple reason behind it. People do not pay enough attention to the type of turnkey casino they get. And the businesses which do not live up to their expectations are White Label casinos.

On the other hand, those going for turnkey casinos, start earning some incredible amounts. But why is turnkey casino your best deal? Well, I will discuss all the nitty-gritty of it below, which will clear things up in your mind regarding the selection of casino type. 

1. What Types of Casinos are Available?

1.1 White Label Casino

Speaking of online casinos, I should mention all available types of it so that you could differentiate them. First and foremost, there is the White Labels casino. White Label is arguably the most widely employed casino type. The reason is evident. It is ready to manage a casino with all the important elements on it.

In other words, when you get it, you will also get a casino license, games, casino software, and more. As it is crystal clear, it is the easiest method to starting a gambling business. And that is, in fact, the primary reason why so many people yearn to choose White Label. 

To ensure that you have a general idea of White Labels, you must know that it has one big drawback. And that is, you cannot make any modifications to your casino. So, you will have to follow the rules put by the casino provider company. 

As you can see, this type of casino has both upsides and downsides. But if you target to grow your casino gradually, you will not achieve it running this type of casino. Therefore, I do not personally like White Label. 

1.2 Turnkey Casino Solution

Turnkey casino

The second type of casino you can go for is the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) casino. Here, you will have to start an online casino from scratch. For me, it is better than White Label casinos. That is because you will be the one to decide how to do things. For instance, you will be able to get a license from a specific country.

Likewise, you will be able to get slot games you want to see in your turnkey casino without having any dependence on the provided games. Nevertheless, this option is still not the best one. That is due to the fact that building a turnkey casino from scratch is a very time consuming and costly job. And if you do not have experience in this field, it will even be a bigger challenge for you. 

1.3 Turnkey Casino – Your Best Choice

Turnkey casino

The only alternative left is a turnkey casino. And believe it or not, it is the best type of casino for the entrepreneurs of this field. Think of it as a mixture of White Label and DIY. You will get a solution for your online casino business. The vital aspects of it will arrive readily.

And you will be able to add and adjust whatever you need. For instance, when you get a turnkey casino, you will be given a list of slot machines. If you are satisfied with them, you can keep them. If not, you add any game you want to your casino software. It is that simple. 

In general, I believe if you are given a chance to customize the software in the direction you want, then the best results can be achieved. 

Another positive aspect of turnkey online casinos is the possibility to create brand identity there. Note that this is something you can never do in White Label casinos. While here, you can create your logo and add it to your website to strengthen your brand image. 

2. Getting License for Your Turnkey Casino

While discussing the upsides of a turnkey platform for the turnkey casino, it would be unfair to exclude the license issue. As you may know, whenever you establish a turnkey casino, you must get a gambling license for it. And believe me, it is not something cheap. You would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get it. What is, even more, is the prices vary considerably depending on the country.

So, you would be better off by getting it from a specific country. And that is where the advantage of turnkey comes. In White Label casinos, you will get the license when you purchase the casino. In other words, you do not have the option of changing it. On the contrary, here, you will get whatever license you want based on your finance and other preferences.

Turnkey casino

On top of that, you can even operate your turnkey casino without paying a cent for the license. For it, you would have to operate crypto or a bitcoin-casino specifically. Bitcoin is the most popular one, though you can choose whatever cryptocurrency you want as the payment means.

3. Incorporate Any Payment System

If you have even a little exposure to the casinos, you already know the importance of payment systems in them. It is indeed one of the nuances that many casino owners overlook and suffer due to it later. 

As a commonsense, it is better to have as many payment systems as possible in your online casino. The reason is simple. Different people are comfortable with different payment systems. Some will want to deposit the money through credit cards; others will want to do it through bank transfer, etc. In such a case, the payment system or systems that come readily on the White Label casino you purchase will not work for you. You do not know how your customer segment prefers to pay. Even if there are multiple systems in the casino you get, it may still not satisfy you.

Viewed from this angle, turnkey casino again becomes the best casino solution for you. It will be a piece of cake to add or remove any payment system. In general, the most common payment systems are debit/credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfer. Yet it is worth mentioning that cryptocurrency payments also got prominence in recent years. So you can add it too, to your turnkey online casino. 

3.1 Turnkey Script


I will be unable to finish if I start counting the advantages of turnkey casino. But another worthy aspect of it is its script. Note that when you get it from reliable providers like VegasX, you are ensured that there are no bugs or other deficiencies in it. Why I especially emphasize it is the majority of casino providers are inferior in this regard. However, when you receive a script with lifetime support, rest assured your business will be run smoothly.

Turnkey online casinos will not only support you with the script. Honestly speaking, I believe the points that I will introduce now will make you stunned. So in the turnkey online casinos, you can manage the free spins in all slot machines. For example, you can decide to provide ten free spins for the game “X,” and 25 free spins for the game “Y.” It is an element that most people are unaware of. 

On top of that, you can notice it hard to see details in this type of casino. For instance, you will have access to the statistics of different people. More specifically, you can see which people have made the biggest wager. At the same time, you can check which people have won the biggest amounts. Thanks to this feature, you would be able to send special offers to the people you want. Hence, make your casino even a more friendly place for a lot of players.

4. Choosing Casino Software

Software is the fundament of your casino. Without that, none of the components, such as license, security, etc. matters. And if the software you get in the White Label casino lacks some features you want to see, you will be unable to change that software. There will be two options in that case.

You will either have to continue with the software you have in hand, which will make you upset. Or you will have to buy another casino, which is no option. Why I call it no option is you would need a lot of investment and time for it.

Now that you understand the significance of casino software, you need to know what turnkey casino software would suit you. 

Turnkey casino

Overall, you will encounter hundreds of casino software in the world. And believe it or not, many of them will not be as decent as they claim they are. Here, you will again be in front of a dilemma. First, you will either go for the industry leaders, like Netent, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, etc. that is okay, and you would not lose by choosing them.

The only issue about them is their pricing. Needless to say, industry leaders will not put prices affordable for everyone. And unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is irrational to think of using their software. 

As the second option, you will have to take risks and get something which you will have doubts about. To ensure you do not take any risks and choose the best software for yourself, I encourage you to select the turnkey casino software of VegasX. It will literally support you with every aspect of your casino, which is what you look forward to. 

5. Design in Turnkey Casino

One of the most underrated nuances in casinos is their design. To explain the importance of design in casinos, I will give a basic example. Think of the first acquaintance of people with your website. It happens when they get into your website. And the very first thing they notice is the design of your site.

If that is not up to mark, then do not expect to entice players to your turnkey online casino. It is true that the bread and butter of your casino is your games. But you can be sure that if people do not like your design, they will turn their back to your casino. In short, first impressions are the key to attracting new people. 

What I love about the turnkey online casino is it allows casino owners to modify the design of their website in any way they want. So, why would you risk this highly effective factor? Do not forget that you can get the best slot machine designs from the VegasX technology that will be very engaging for your customers.

6. Customer Support

turnkey casino

Customer support is another overlooked feature in casinos. But in turnkey casinos, it is even more imperative. See it this way. You choose a service where they promise you the highest level of customer support. And then, when there is a problem with any part of the casino, they do not help you.

Considering the fact that most of your transactions will involve large amounts of money, you should use a service that will be available 24/7. Although many of the online casino software suppliers will promise you this, they will, unfortunately, not keep their promises.

So what to do in this case? My best advice to you is to go for the software of VegasX to ensure you are supported 24/7. Be it through phone calls, chats, or emails; they are always ready to help you with any type of inquiries. 

7. Importance of Games in Casinos

As stated above, games are the bread and butter of any casino platform. It is the initial incentive of why people come to your gambling center. The advantage of turnkey casino once again pops up here. Based on your research, or desire, you can include any games in your casino. Just like that, you can exclude the games which you do not think are worthy enough. It is like enhancing the power of your favorite video game character. 

But as we are discussing games, I would like to let you know one essential nuance. Although it is not difficult to install games on your turnkey casino software, it is even better not to install games at all. What I mean is why you should tire yourself and incur extra costs. Especially when there are turnkey casino software providers that will also offer your customers the best games, there is absolutely no need to make any modifications in terms of games. 

What I am talking about is the software of VegasX. You can trust their games even without blinking. 

8. Why Are VegasX Slots the Best?

You already know why you should operate a turnkey casino. Its advantages are immense and infinite. Still, to benefit from it and start earning money from your business, you must be careful with one factor. It is the previously-mentioned game factor. Simply put, you need to do your best to choose software that will provide you the best slot games.

If that does not happen, you will then have to keep changing your games. And irrespective of its ease, it is still costly and time-consuming. Taking into account that you will make other modifications to your casino, it will really be uncertain when your business starts generating cash.

For this reason, I strongly encourage you to get VegasX online slots. Why? Well, they have the best slot machines literally in terms of design, sound effects, and popularity. On top of that, the storyline of the slots offered by it is so enticing that your customers will not be able to decide which game to play.

Games from different demanded categories, such as nature-themed, classic, etc. are available there. They are already waiting for your customers. Do not miss such an opportunity.

9. Final Thoughts on Turnkey Casino

This article should have given you enough reasons why the turnkey casino is the best choice for many people. Even with a basic comparison, we can see that it is much cheaper than “DIY” casinos. Also, you can start earning money much faster compared to “DIY” ones. It is much better than White Label casinos in all aspects, too.

That said, to ensure that your business starts generating money very soon, it is highly imperative to rely on dependable turnkey casino software. And I do not know anything better than VegasX in this regard.

I hope this article gave you some useful information regarding your future turnkey casino business. To be aware of more related articles, do not forget to check out our blogs page.

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