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6 Best Online Casino Games to Win

by Jack Morgan

Posted on June 6th, 2019

6 Best Online Casino Games to Win

There are hundreds and hundreds of online casino games out there. Everyone knows how intense the competition is between online casino software developers. These engineers are the creators of every favorite gambler game, and they are the ones in charge of updates and new developments. The 2019 online casino software trends set new standards in the gaming world, today’s games being more accurate and exciting than ever.

This year brought updates like virtual reality, cryptocurrency, enhanced graphics and animations and technical features like more bonuses and more gaming options. While the first two features mentioned are not as widespread, the others are essentials criteria’s regarding the best games on the market.

Online gamblers are quite picky and have many expectations from online casino games. To make it easier for every gambling lover to find a suitable game in the sea of the World Wide Web, we are going to present the best online casino games in this article. We will guide you through the pros and cons of each game, but more importantly, we will highlight what makes it one of the best in the online casino industry.

1. Which Online Casino Games you Can Try?

1.1 Reef Run

Reef Run Slots is among the online casino games that you is developed by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the top developers of this industry. The Video Slot has five reels and twenty paylines, placed from left to right. Like any other slots game, this one requires three or more same symbols on the same payline to hit the jackpot. One of the essential features of this game are the graphics.

The game’s theme is an underwater kingdom, and the symbols are very related to the storyline. Impressive state-of-the-art graphics, fun animations, and surreal sound effects make up for an outstanding gaming experience. Reef run’s symbols are all about ocean life.

High-paying symbols take the form of colorful crabs, lobsters, sea horses, and octopuses. As the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” goes, in this game, the green puffer fish is the most crucial element. The ugly creature can multiply your initial bet by 1000% percent if you find five of them on a single payline.

Bonuses in the best online casino 2022 game

online casino games

Another great asset of these type of online casino games is the bonuses. Players begin the game with around 60 free spins, and on top of that, they can stumble upon multipliers that can increase the payout by 20 times more. Finding three free spins symbols, bring an extra ten bonus free games. Another special mention is the winning payline fish.

Once you hit the payline, this lucky fish gives a multiplier bonus the next time its part of a winning combination. Also, the multipliers increase every time you get a winning fish, from five times more to even 20 times more.

Free spins are re-triggered by scatter symbols, so watch out for those as well. The Reef Run vegas x winning games can enable massive payouts, sometimes around 150.000$ dollars. This game’s volatility is medium to low, which is a rare feature for its developer, but this is what made it famous. Great graphics, massive amounts of bonuses, and rapid-fire gameplay are the main features of Reef Run slots and players surely love it.

1.2 House of Doom Slots

We are still in the slots category when talking about this game. Developed by Play ‘N go, House of Doom is a smartphone-friendly game that requires minimum bets. As the title suggests, this game has dark visuals, reminding players of a horror movie. As soon as the film begins, a dark purple church sets upon skulls followed by intense heavy metal music.

online casino games

The symbols have gothic influences as well, and the elements include barbed wired crosses, flaming roses, ram skulls, pentagrams, and goth-looking playing cards. The way graphics mix with the sounds effects made House of Doom, one of the best online casino games available.

Features of the online casino games

Technical-wise, this online casino game has five reels and ten fixed paylines. The most rewarding symbol is the latter which gives 70 times the bet, for five letters on a single payline. Every slot has a wild symbol, and in House of Doom, a seer represents this element. It can give either a small payout if you get two of them either it will multiply your bet by 100 if you hit five across a payline.

The highlight of the game’s bonuses is the Skulls of Abyss Bonus Game, and you activate it when stumbling upon the skull scatter symbol on three middle reels. Each picked head hides a prize; you can win cash prizes or enable the Doom Spins feature.

This feature gives out an extra ten free spins and the scatter transforms into a wild symbol, giving you another wild. Last but not least, there is a House of Symbol scatter that rewards you with more free spins if it lands on the first, third, and fifth reel. Concluding, players can win 2,500 times their bet on each spin or free spin they have. House of Doom has a medium to low volatility, making it great for every gambler interested in excellent online casino games.

1.3 Gonzo’s Quest


This game is among the best online casino games of 2019 in the slot category. It’s software provider, NetEnt, used the famous story of Gonzalo Pizzaro, also called Gonzo. The conqueror goes through the wild jungles of Amazon to find Eldorado, the lost city of gold. Its visual features are more than unusual; the developer used state-of-the-art 3D animations and original other design patterns while creating this game. The sound effects also resemble a jungle, and their timing is perfect.

We all had high expectations when it came to this game because of its producer, but this storyline blew away the audience, and it is by far the best online casino game of this year. It is different than other online slot games because it doesn’t use standard spinning reels. Instead, they use Avalanche Reels, where the symbols fall from above.

When forming a winning combination, the Mayan inspired symbols explode and disappear. The mix falls into gaps, and other new symbols emerge from the top to fill the blanks. On the right corner of the screen, the players can see the multiplier meter, that increases after every win. Players can get five times more than they initially bet by paying attention to the multiplier meter.

Free falls bonus of the vegas x winning games

Another exciting characteristic of the best online casino games – Gonzo’s Quest is Free Falls Bonus. Three Free Fall scatter symbols that fall on three different reels activate the bonus. By getting this combination, you will get a reward of ten extra spins and a change in the multiplier meter. After every time the player wins, the value will go from three times to 15 more times than your original stake.

To sum it up, you can get ten free spins and a 15x multiplier at the same time. You can re-trigger freer falls too, and when winning, you will see Gonzo perform a happy dance and even do a moonwalk. As we mentioned earlier, 3D animations are the best feature of this game.

In countries like the United Kingdom or Sweden, Gonzo’s Quest is a cult online casino game already. Even if it has medium volatility, players can win 350 times more than their original bet. Mixing the great bonuses with the outstanding graphics, this online casino game offers an excellent, and it is sure to say that it will not leave the charts anytime soon.

1.4 Age Of The Gods Roulette


Even if this online casino game had an earlier version, Playtech, its developer, decided to launch a new updated version in 2017. Therefore, we are looking at Age Of The Gods Roulette – a live dealer roulette game, the first live online casino table game produced by this developer.

The game includes a four-tiered progressive jackpot offered across all slots and software-based roulette games powered by Playtech. Like in other games in this franchise, a percentage of the player’s bets go to the main Mystery Jackpot with every spin they take.

The roulette game itself didn’t suffer many changes, but it got a free spins-like alternative – Golden Coins. A live dealer hosts the game from a studio, in front of a 26-meter video wall that acts as a green screen. Playtech invested a lot in their

  • technology
  • network connections
  • graphics
  • and player options

While playing Age of The Gods Roulette this fact is clear to everyone. The game’s menu includes added limits and statistic options and plays history for the gamblers.

What are the odds of winning in best games on vegas x? 

Winning chances in this online roulette game range from 300$ dollars to 243,000$ dollars, making it one of the biggest paying games on the market. The return to player ratio has a minimum of 94.7% percent, meaning the chances are more favorable to the player. There are many best strategies available, and to make it simple for gamblers, the game has a help option.

This setting displays everything from different types of bets, how the game works or the payout history. As a con, Age of The Gods lacks customization setting, asides customizable soundtracks.

To make up for this inconvenience, the game shows incredible graphics taken out of a Greek Mythology Story. The storyline of this game is very wholesome; players can spot the many Greek Gods together with their names and abilities. This online casino games operator offers bonuses up to 600$ dollars with a 10% percent cash back rate, which is very good for new users on the platform.

Besides, the Playtech gaming platform has user-friendly settings and flawless graphics and navigation features, making it one of the best online casino games.

1.5 Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

online casino games

Evolution Gaming comes with a new Texas hold’em poker variant. Gamblers play against the house and the game doesn’t accept any bets after the River card. All players play the same hand, but they can make their own choices as well. At the beginning of the game, both dealer and player receive two hole cards, the player’s cards are upside-down.

Afterward, the player can fold or give it up to the Ante, or play by doubling up the amount. The game offers the same options after the user performs the Flop and Turn cards. The Ante card pays on a winning hand of a Straight or higher and pushes anything less. The Flop, Turn, and River bets pay even money.

In Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, you get an optional Bonus Bet that pays for a pair or even better hands of cards. For example, if you reveal a pair of Aces, you get paid with a 1000 to 1 ratio. Another bonus is the First Five Jackpot Bet that allows you to collect a percentage of the progressive jackpot.

The Royal Flush increases your betting amount, and three-of-a-kind or better gives you a fixed prize. What makes this game one of the best online casino games out there is the gaming experience. Players have multiple choices, additional bonuses, and ways to win. Asides, the progressive jackpot feature used to belong to slots only.Introducing it in a live poker game can only excite players all around the globe.

What makes this game one of the best online casino games out there is the gaming experience. Players have multiple choices, additional bonuses, and ways to win. Asides, the progressive jackpot feature used to belong to slots only.Introducing it in a live poker game can only excite players all around the globe.

1.6 Planet Of The Apes Slots

Another gem of the online casino games world is NetEnt’s Planet of The Apes Slots. The developer collaborated with 20th Century Fox for this game, and it takes up on the legendary two-part movie, Planet of the Apes. Like in the film, the game has two parts, Rise and Dawn, and lots of features related to this detail. The slots game itself has ten reels and forty paylines, and it is available on all devices.

While playing this game, the player will journey between the two phases of Ape Army leader Caesar’s life. Because it relies on a movie, the visuals are fantastic.

There are movie-related settings and even film footage included in the game storyline. The symbols include Rise and Dawn elements and ten cards featuring on both sides. The movie’s famous characters are present in the game as well.

The animations are followed by their matching voices and other authentic sound effects. Graphics-wise, this game gets ten out of ten points. Every movie fanatic will enjoy and relate fully while playing this online slots game.

Bonuses and free spins in the best online casino 2022 game

On the same dual-theme, the gameplay includes dual reels- each has five reels and twenty paylines. Caesar’s attic window symbol acts like a wild and replaces all symbols excepts scatter and bonus ones. When this wild appears on the Rise reel, it triggers the Stacked Wild feature that duplicates on to the Dawn playing area. The Rise bonus is an additional cash bonus giving out 80 times more than your total stake. The Dawn Bonus can win you around 1,200 times more than the initial stake.

The Rise Free Spins feature enables ten free spins when players get a Rise scatter symbol on the screen. After the spins finish, the game collects all extra wilds  and adds them to the play area. This means you can multiply your bet 600 times more with each turn. The Dawn Free Spins bonus act the same way as the Rise one but gives out 15 extra spins.

Along with these bonuses, there are other multipliers, bonus games, and such extras, all maximizing your bets and winning odds. Concluding, Planted of the Apes slot is one of the most sophisticated online casino games available but is NetEnt’s best-branded slot title ever released.

2. Vegas-X Best Online Casino Games

In conclusion, all the best casino games have the best graphics features and exciting storylines. On top of that, they offer wide ranges of bonuses on a user-friendly platform. Mobile device availability and player options and settings are very well welcome characteristics as well. Vegas-X is an online casino games software provider specialized in state-of-the-art 3D casino games.

You can try the best games on Vegas X instantly by tuning in to the platform.  Our company provides only high-quality gaming solutions, certified by experts and licensed by law. We offer a wide range of best online casino 2022 games that are ranging from slots, online poker, and roulette to even backgammon.

The Vegas-X gaming platform is renowned for its customizable settings, stable gaming platform, and enhanced security. We have a 20 slot games collection, all holding impressive graphics and sound effects. You can try out the best paying games on vegas x instantly by checking out the platform. Besides that, you can enjoy the best game to play on vegas x which is the online slot machine. 

On top of this, we offer help to any investor interested in opening an online casino. Our marketing solutions are valuable and come at an outstanding price-quality ratio. If you want to play the best online casino games in the best gaming environment, visit the Vegas-X website and try our solutions.

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