Video Slot Games from Start to Finish: Your Ultimate Guide

Online casinos and video slot games are an excellent duo. Online gambling is more trendy than ever in 2019, and their ranges of video card players are growing as every day passes by. Slot games are generally legends among other gambling matches. But they always fail to achieve more attention and notoriety owing to the improvements that designers of the online casino technology provider. In this paper, we’re supposed to talk about the development of video slot games, how to choose the most excellent matches and which internet casino businessmen will benefit from them.

Video Slot Games Basics

What does make a video slot different? In its screens, this sort of device uses audio technology, and complicated online casino software runs its internal functioning. An audio slot device can immediately turn its display from a five-reel slot screen to a reward round. It takes you on an excursion that involves pictures and noises using high-quality anime methods.

These are also the devices that include super villain, athletics, movies, comic books, an annual, holiday, and other topics. Eventually, these devices have some characteristics that others do not have, such as scatters, wilds, multipliers, and reward matches. These are the different aspects that appear to identify these machine kinds, making them highly familiar with video slot games. The gameplay experience offered by these casinos is varied, engaging, and fun.

Playing Video Slot Games

video slot games

It is essential to know all the signs and characteristics and how they influence the play when purchasing video slots. The reality is that although these computers are easy to operate, they have complicated characteristics and mix components in such a manner that participants may be confused. On most of these spaces, the previous components are available. Specialized signs will unlock the gate for you to access a video machine’s different characteristics and enable you to earn additional money. The crazy icon may be the strongest sign, as this sign can become any other sign on the system and will improve your capacity to finish scoring mixes. At the start of any phase, one, two, three or more bonuses may occur.

Scatters are another sign of importance. A scatter may have different features based on the device, but generally at least two appearances will propel you into a reward round. If a device has more than one bonus round, it may take an amount of scatters to help you reach a particular round. The scatter might also cause loose swings, although this characteristic may be liable for a distinct sort of sign or sign mixture. Free rhythms are just that, without investing any extra cash, you can bring more turns.

Some important points to know about video slot games

Set a scheme and devoutly stick to it when the internet is practiced for money. It’s far too easy to get caught up in the game when there’s nobody else around to distract you. Sometimes it can contribute to disastrous results. Because of the random digit generator used in web matches, your chance of getting significant is the same, no matter how quickly you press “Spin.” You’ll have less of a mental connection to lose if you’re performing with a diplomatic strategy than a concentrated gain focus. When you can manage to do so, always gamble max for every spin. Relying on the amount of the charge bid, free points and other awards are determined, and since these awards are typical in entertainment cabinets, you want an outstanding payout house. 

Multipliers are doing precisely what they sound like. On any specified switch, these signs boost the payout. How many symptoms appear at one time relies on how much they increase your payout. Any audio slot’s reward round is an exciting element. Nearly all computers with slot games give at least one bonus round, and some have more. If a device has more than one form of reward, the number of bounces you accumulate on one switch or the growth you render in your first reward round can regulate access to various payouts.

Many reward shots at the start of the round will give a double-up choice. You may need to select between two or three components, and your reward will double if you make the correct decision. But be cautious. You will receive the full price if you make an incorrect choice. It is an alternative so you can decide to pull out of it without losing your winnings and abandon the reward round.

What to expect in 2019

video slot games

Video slots have been upgrading a bunch since the start of the year, and at the end of 2019, the sector wants even more modifications. Players see sharper visuals, sound effects and animations, and more entertaining gameplay in particular. Online casino technology suppliers will hit the shops in 2019 with thematic video games which now have included the character-play function. Every mobile casino system has begun to concentrate more on virtual reality thus far. It is excellent news for matches all over the globe because the implementation of VR will make casino games ten times more exciting and fun. We also expect to see bitcoin payment methods and digital currency elements throughout the networks of video slots games.

Choosing the best software

As an online casino proprietor, your company needs to select the most excellent online casino technology. As stated earlier, characteristics such as animation, gambling possibilities, and diversity weigh a bit when selecting video card machines, but the online casino software is the cornerstone of it all. When choosing the software, developers should be cautious because many of the alternatives accessible switch out to be low budget, small performance, and illegal.

When looking for an online casino technology, the first thing you need is to verify if other organizations have their legal and respected. The best online casino technology is generally expensive, but it’s a great asset with what characteristics it contains. Take into consideration the flexibility of internet cafe software to smartphones as the next great thing in the casino software industry is mobile video slots. The second thing any business ought to remember is the safety provided by the online casino software. Top online casino system has implemented security against bugs and other harmful viruses that prevents computers.

Providing your clients with personal billing data and practicing these games in a secure setting is essential. As an online casino proprietor, to have a successful company with increasing success opportunities, you should first take account of these issues.

In conclusion, the most exceptional accessible online casino system is the one that is secure and complies with the law. Owners need to ensure the scheme is maintained and complies with the highest norms. Because only if you offer the most beautiful available visuals, exciting topics, and awesome role-plays will participants return to your website. Ensure excellent safety and technical assistance and the smooth running of your company.

How easy is it to get started with video slot games?

How simple it is to get began is one of the most significant drawings to play internet games. Unlike a land-based casino where participants have to get up, get dressed in something that can be presented, have money on the side, and sleep in a space complete of cigarette smoke, an internet casino needs a portion of the time and energy to get started and play. It is a short and straightforward method to get started with internet cards. First, the contestant selects an appealing internet cafe software provider, and then they create a payment to that page. It’s so easy!

Selecting the right slot games casino

video slot games

For the most portion, selecting a website that operates for you internet is a question of personal taste. Much of this varies on which factors are the most significant to you individually, as no two games are the same internet games. For some, what games are accessible may be the most critical thing. While for others, it may be the accessibility of a mobile phone app from that gambling site so they could play whenever and wherever they want. Regardless of what your choices are, be careful to do your study on any online casino with which you are considering starting an office to ensure that they can fulfill those desires.

Available deposit options

There is a lot of payment alternatives accessible to games at this stage when it gets to making your payment. For competitors in nations where there are no statutory limitations on internet games, card payments are an alternative. Also accessible to competitors who don’t want to use card payments are eWallets such as Neteller, PayPal, and Skrill. Bitcoin is an ideal financing technique for games who want to circumvent standard economic methods completely. Regardless of which payment technique you choose, make sure your preferred online casino location is suitable for this technique.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

From a company perspective, slot games pose a ton of potential. The fame of the matches is gradually growing, and the gambling industry will quickly flourish again as the developments of 2019 reveal. As an online casino proprietor, you will improve your client database by getting a broad range of online games. Video slots are easy to run, and simple guidelines are followed. Besides, teams begin with tiny deals in anticipation of gaining the big jackpot, which forces them to run various matches. Topping the incredible visuals and lovely graphics with the games and the range of rewards is important. By doing that you have the recipe for achievement for yourself. The variety of the matches current is another owner’s advantage.

Many online casino technologies provide personalized facilities. It means that users have links to the settings menu for video games and other data. Managers can regulate the variation of the match to render it more affordable and draw more clients. At the same time, they can offer an in-depth company view. Any entrepreneur needs to understand which of the matches earns more cash, which is difficult and needs to be updated. And also how the gamblers feel while working on their website. Each function is an advantage for online casino operators by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by slot games.

Amateur’s guide to video slot games

Let’s say you would like to take your chance of playing video slot games. If you don’t understand where to begin, it can be annoying. It is a widespread practice. But fortunately, when you know how enjoyable it is to perform the cards, it rapidly diminishes. Incorporate the chance to win significant cash to this. Then you will have a reasonably good idea as to why video gambling machines have gained fame. Would you like to get into the pleasure of performing video slots but don’t understand where to begin? Here are some excellent suggestions for new games.

Find a great venue

Casinos are rapidly gaining attraction to games with video slot games. The hassles of going to the casino made many matches search for a better way to play. Fortunately, slot games have extended significantly beyond casinos. Today, throughout Illinois, there are hundreds of video gaming devices in different locations. These locations vary from pubs and hotels to petrol stations and play areas. Even a convenient new app is available to assist you in locating the closest places for video slots! Begin your adventure on video games by working alongside you with a drink from your favorite bar.

Find video slot games you like

This one seems apparent, but it is worth mentioning that we think. You can choose from so many distinct audio slot players. The immersive aspect of the matches makes online slots so captivating. For example, you can play a game based on your favorite tv show and appreciate all the graphics. Of course, it also enables the ability to gain a large stack of money! An easy way to increase your enjoyment is to find out which slots are the most enjoyable for you. Do you love to play matches with your favorite topics of pop culture? Maybe you like games with amazing rewards, or maybe games that can reach an enormous jackpot? You will understand which spots are the greatest for your play type after you test the different alternatives.

Know how much to bet

Winning a lot of cash practicing video slots is one of the most relaxed methods of getting wealthy. Just ensure you acknowledge that most players with these games won’t become billionaires. You’re going to make cash at the sites a few days, and you’re going to lose some days. Be ready to maintain track of your mistakes. Playing video slot is not as enjoyable when you lose more cash as you initially put aside to play. In the lengthy-term, machines that pay more to operate typically have a stronger yield rate. But you risk going out of cash much earlier. If your objective is to enjoy the slots, we suggest practicing the machines with the lower value.

Go with friends!

Like almost every activity, we discovered that practicing the video slot games also includes the sentence “the more, the merrier.” The pleasure is greater when you play with a band. Everyone can attempt out the various devices and figure out which ones are funniest. Everyone receives to participate in the enthusiasm when one individual in the band wins a large stack of money. If no one succeeds in hitting the jackpot, playing with buddies is still enjoyable!

Online Casino Software and Online Slot Software

We cannot imagine a day without the internet and technology in the 21st century. It has already become a large part of our lives. Our work, our communication, our spare time is mostly dependent on it. We enjoy scrolling on social media. We are excited when one of our bloggers posts a new publication. And, of course, we enjoy playing online casino games. As this business is widely growing now, online casino software, including online slot software, has a significant demand comparing among other software. In the last decade, online casinos turned into one of the most popular internet video games.

Being competitive on the internet is a very challenging goal. Products and services on the internet do not have defined limitations and boundaries as time and place. This fact has many advantages, but in line with benefits, it has drawbacks, also. The main advantage of it is that as a business owner, you are not restricted to one country or one place. Your potential customers might be everyone from all around the world. And the drawbacks are also related to this. As a result of globalization, you have many competitors in any industry. Notably, about the casino software industry, thousands of online casinos are competing with each other.

However, as clients, gamers see the advantages of this competition. A competitive environment leads to vast improvements in that industry. While talking about the online slot software industry, online casino portals are becoming more customized. They are investing a large amount of money on security and safety. They are developing great video graphics features and 3D games. 

What makes Casino Software competitive?

online slot software

There exist many factors that online casino software developers should consider to be competitive. While they should be able to develop new, unique features, they should also meet the standards of the industry. It will have no meaning if your game is very engaging, but it does not involve simple features like payment options or multi-platform compatibility. Hence, developers should be well aware of the current characteristics of any software, including online slot software, and professionally meet them. 

If you want to start your own online casino business, the first thing to do is finding a competitive online casino software provider. This process will not be simple as there exist many different providers in your location. Besides, many software developers provide outsourcing opportunities. Thus, you can find one even from a very long distance. In a global market like this, making a choice will be time-consuming. Therefore, we created the below list for you. This list indicates the most critical sides of software provides for you to consider. As a result, you will save a lot of time and energy. 

Games of Online Slot Software

Providing software with fun games is not enough for staying competitive. Even the most loyal gamers will get bored after some time. What they need are constant engagement and new excitements. Therefore, a professional software developer should ensure that they will add new games each month. Though it sounds a little surprising, this feature has already become the industry practice. Almost every online casino software ensures a rich library of games such as interesting online slots where new ones are added periodically. Besides, if an online slot software provider adds new games automatically and entirely free, it will instantly stand out in the competition. 

You should not forget that players sign in online casinos to play games. Therefore, your most powerful tool in designing excellent tools. You should offer a variety of games including classic or modern slot games, table games like poker or blackjack.  In this way, you ensure that no player will switch your software to another because of dull gaming experience. 

Payment options

online slot software

Another essential factor that makes software unique is payment options. First of all, online casino software should support many different types of payment methods. These methods should work smoothly both for payments and withdrawals. In fact, governmental bodies and other third parties heavily regulate payment transactions. They ensure that no fraud is involved and the account details of customers are encrypted safely. Besides, those bodies audit and give an online casino license to casinos based on payment activities. With permits, online casinos become more trusted. The online slot software and casino software providers need to focus more on the events involving money to help any casino to get those licenses.

Multi-device compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility has already become an industry standard. In the past, people were happy with brick and mortar casinos. However, then online casinos emerged, which enabled them to play whenever they want without visiting a physical casino. As smartphones advanced, online casinos enhanced their availability to mobile devices, too. And now, there exist many different operating systems, namely, IOS, Androids, or Windows, Linux. Besides, people own various devices, like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Therefore, any online casino software, including slot software, should support many platforms. It is not a luxury anymore; compatibility is not a unique feature. Based on the gambling statistics we can say that if you want your online casino business to survive, you need to find software, which provides games for various systems.

Instant Play or Download

online casino software

There exist two types of online casinos; Instant-play and Download apps. Instant play means that customers can access the games just by entering an online casino through a web browser. They do not need to download any apps or install additional software to enjoy games. It has some advantages, as you will not need any storage. Having a computer and internet access is all a player needs.

On the other hand, players can also download individual apps of online casinos using their app stores or webpage of the casino. The downside of this type is that you need to forego some space from your hard disk. When new games are added, the size of the application will get even more significant. Therefore, it can lead to slow loading time. However, players have different tastes. The best strategy is to develop software that is available through Instant play and via applications. In this way, you ensure that your casino will reach a broader base of global customers. 

Customer service

Technology advanced quickly during the last decades. However, sometimes, players can face technical issues or errors while playing a game. If they do not find the solution to the problem quickly, there is a high probability that they will leave. Therefore, the right online casino software should enable its clients to use various communication channels. This channels might include email, telephone, or live chat. Besides, the existence of customer care is an indication of the reliability of an online casino. If clients notice that there is no customer service or representatives answer questions ambiguously, they will be suspicious. As a result, they can switch your software to another one. It is always advisable to care, clients, as they are the primary source of your income. Hence, finding an online slot games software provider that enables you to solve the problems of customers fast will lead you to instant success. 



Bonus features do not only make gaming exciting but also attract more customers. From time to time, players might hesitate to use online gambling. After long years of betting in fancy casinos, online ones might seem not so reliable. Welcome bonuses can be a great tool to solve this issue. In order to motivate those gamers, welcome bonuses of free spins, free or no-deposit games to players. After a player starts playing, other types of bonuses will stimulate them to continue and stay loyal. One of those bonus features might be progressive jackpots. It ensures that the jackpot amount increases steadily until someone wins it. When you try to choose a competitive online casino software or online slot software, analyze their extra features. Their bonuses can be an essential factor for making your online casino business profitable. 

Exclusive Design of Online Slot Software

    The key to success for online casinos is the credibility of its customers. The human mind works in a way that we trust the things and people with whom we are familiar. Thus, unique design plays a huge role in the prosperity of online software. Online casino software development group which guarantees the exclusive design is a key to your success. The unique design of your online casino will make your portal easily recognizable. As a result of what, customers will feel your website familiar and will trust it.

For this reason, big brands are investing large amounts of money into building their brand and brand positioning. Once a brand could reach a level of high brand recognition, it will have a high customer retention rate. In other words, customers who have tried your product or service once, and were satisfied, have a lower chance of switching to other products.

But, of course, this condition holds only in case of product or service has high brand recognition. The reason is that people do not like to change their consumption habits, but they don’t want to spend a lot of time on finding a product. If they were satisfied with one product and they can easily recognize it among others, then they will most probably purchase the same product. Applying this logic into online slot software, exclusive design for an online casino will make its customers trust this portal and make them loyal customers. As a result of what, a profit of the online casino portal will boost. 

Security and Privacy

security and privacy

    Globalization and the popularity of the internet made our lives much more comfortable. However, there were points in which we all became conscious. We all are using our devices for connecting into different portals, starting from a simple email system and ending with blogs. While surfing on those websites, we are clicking on thousands of links. We are logging in into different websites using our email or social media data. But we want all those links to be secured. We do not want our personal data to be stolen.

Therefore, privacy and safety became one of the basic requirements for any portal. The online casino software company should be cautious about this issue. In fact, in the last decade, the term “social engineering” became popular. Social engineering is the act of manipulating someone to steal his or her private information. Someone can hear your name and identify in which bank your account is by your plastic card in the shop. And right after, he can call you and introduce himself as representative of that bank, refer you by your name and ask you to tell him your card number. Of course, you might see that this is a ridiculous case, but still, there exist some people who became a victim of social engineering.

In online worlds, these manipulations happen in the form of suspicious messages or other kinds of notifications. You might receive a message asking you to click on the link, and that link might be the program that will retrieve your data. Online slot software should guarantee a hundred percent safety in the online casino portal. All data of the clients should be properly encrypted, and all kinds of privacy violations should be reported and stopped. 

Effects of Online Slot Software

    Video effects and sound effects have become a great tool in the hands of movie and video game producers. Scientists have analyzed and concluded that it affects our brain more than the actual content of the movie. Many great movie directors are using these effects to influence our emotions more. This sound and video effects are creating a kind of mood or environment around us. Thus online casino software developers also started to use this tool. They are developing online casinos with 3D games and great soundtracks. Effects are even more critical for online slot software. These soundtracks help us feel more comfortable and enjoy playing.

Split screen

    While playing slot games on online casino portals we all sometimes get bored of playing one game at a time. We are becoming impatient for waiting for the spin of the slot. Thus, a new competitive advantage that online casino software development companies are building is a feature of splitting the screen. It has many positive impacts on customers. First, the player would not get bored from playing one game at a time. The can play two or more slot games at the online slot, and they should not wait for the spin.

Secondly, while playing several games at one time, they can build the risk hedging strategy on the games. In other words, they will be able to diversify their bets and choose the best approach. While increasing the stake in one game, they can decrease it in another and so on. By doing this, they will be able to cover their risks. Thirdly, the casino will earn more money out of this feature, as players will play not one game. Mathematically speaking, at the same time playing this feature will double or triple the revenue of the casino.  

What Vegas-X Offers?

online slot software

Among so many features and casino software providers, you might be stuck to choose one. This process might take a lot of time and energy of yours. However, if you want to start your business, do not worry. Just take your device and contact Vegas-X representatives. Our team will install your online slot software in less than an hour. Besides, you will enjoy a lot of benefits offered by Vegas-X.

Our software gives full control to business owners. We have created administrative tools, including dashboards and panel, which stores all data related to game transactions. You can use our analytical tools to find out which games are mostly preferred and which ones bring the most profit. Besides, our software is large-scale. They can accommodate hundreds of different games and still ensure smooth and fast operations. No matter whether you wish to install sweepstakes software or slot software, we provide you get multi-device compatibility. Gamers using any device and any operating systems will be able to play your games. Also, we integrate CRM into your system so that you can build long term relations with your clients. As a result, you will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers, also. 

Our engaging games of the online slot software with excellent graphics and friendly user interface will be a favorite of all gamers. We will provide your business with various types of games, including keno, slot, bingo, and other table games. Our team develops a cloud-based online casino software system to help you enjoy the free benefits of online casinos. Just contact us and enjoy the simplicity of management.

Find Online Casino Software To Boost Your Mood

While gambling online, you may find a huge list containing many different online casinos, each of them using various software, and offering different features. The first thing to remember while choosing an online casino software is to pick one considered as trusted and qualified. After that, you can look at some advanced aspects like top quality graphics, simple navigation of an excellent user interface, the best new games, and great customer support.

Before choosing a sweepstake software, you should look at several things, including banking options, bonuses, payouts, mobile compatibility, and game variety. To begin, an online casino software offering full flexibility of banking will gain more profits as customers may need several digital wallet methods to use. Later, you may need to withdraw your winnings after you verify your account. That is why it is essential for customers to be engaged in software providing high speed payout.


netnet online gambling

Appeared in 1996, Net Entertainment Corporation (NetEnt) spent quite a long time to create a talented company of artists and programmers. It is located in Sweden and has offices in Malta as well as the main office located in Stockholm, where the company was officially registered and licensed afterward.

What are the differences?

The first thing to mention is that the developers enhanced the design and had 22 languages, which is quite suitable and acceptable for players. Today, the extraordinary graphic design of gambling entertainment is especially popular among the players. Each character is traced clearly and attracts the attention of users. It is entirely different from the design in other sweepstake software. Due to the Random Number Generator, which tracks all coefficients, online players get an opportunity to enjoy a fair game. Each player has similar conditions, and everyone can get a jackpot by making the necessary bets.

Global analysts of the gambling business segment, have repeatedly noted in their researches that NetEnt rightfully occupies the first stages for developing, producing, and implementing an online casino software. Excellent graphics of the software with clear and precise symbols make you get engaged in their offered games to enjoy the beauty of the design and quality. Another fundamental principle used while evolving NetEnt was to ensure a fair and reliable game for the players. All the gamers feel safe using NetEnt as they know the right rules used to give each of them a chance to win.

Why the games of NetEnt are that popular?

As NetEnt company produces very high-quality online casino software, its games are well-known among the users of the absolute majority of countries around the world. 

As mentioned before, games from NetEnt are distinguished by excellent graphics and sound effects, thanks to which the user gets pleasure during the gameplay. Games from NetEnt are regularly tested by third-party companies to ensure fair game results and contribute to frequent winnings. The player refund rate ranges from 95% to 98%. The list of their available online casinos is regularly updated, so if you get tired of playing one of them, you can easily choose any new one to enjoy.


Blueprint Gaming is a British studio for developing uninterrupted software for land-based gambling establishments and online sites. Since 2001, the company offers only high-quality and multifunctional online casino software. In 2008, the game studio was bought by a large German corporation Gauselmann Group, and today, their offices are successfully operating in the UK and the Philippines.


By regular updating and adding new content, Blueprint software enhances its possibilities. Blueprint products, based on video slots and slot machines, run in the browser, but if necessary, they can be easily downloaded regarding the customer’s taste. Also, there exists a mobile version which makes it possible to run games on almost any mobile platform, in particular, IOS and Android. Among the main features of the online casino software from Blueprint Gaming, we can highlight several, including minimum system requirements, a wide variety of games and their settings, convenient, simple, and multifunctional interface.

BetSoft Gaming

betsoft gaming

This company is known mainly for its imaginary 3D renderers and cinematic video slots. The company was created to offer its products in leading online casinos, many of which are successfully operating in the United States. In 2012, it was developed, and after that, it became optimized for iOS and Android devices.

There are different types of games offered by BetSoft like card games, including Baccarat, as well as several variations, such as the Caribbean, Pai Gow, and others. There are also many variations of blackjack (American, European, and others). Non-card games consist of Craps, American and European Roulette, and a popular multiplayer Common Roulette.

A wide range of themes that gamblers of different cultures and ages appreciate guarantees an increase in casino traffic and, ultimately, the income of its owner. You should definitely include the machines of this manufacturer in the list of online casino software.

Leader of graphics

By full right and without excessive exaggeration, BetSoft Gaming can be considered the leader of graphics performance. This is especially true in terms of the popularity of 3D graphics today. With the filing of the developers of this particular company, 3D technology entered the world of gambling, gradually becoming an integral part of it. The main achievement of BetSoft today include a series of games, originality in design and execution at a high technical level.


champion online casino software

Since its existence, it has gained enough popularity and recognition and is loved by many gamblers. All slots manufactured by Champion provider are made at the highest level, equipped with a convenient navigation system and original functionality. Besides, the developer has an extensive range of games with profitable bonus systems, progressive jackpots, and a high winning percentage. This innovative online casino software provides high-performance bonuses returning rate of the percentage. Though this offer is valid at certain hours of the day, those who prefer excitement come at an individual time slot to play. 

Games from Champion

Among the most popular, there are classic games such as Tropical Fruits, Robinson, and Dolphins. Without exception, the slots are invented perfectly and professionally so that you have a feeling of excitement and entertainment the whole game.

Mega jack

megajack gambling

As an online and offline casino system provider, it is known by many generations of gambling enthusiasts. Mega Jack products have been known for a long time, and they remain very popular these days as well. The company emerged in the late nineties and has come a long way of development, becoming the most significant developer. A recognizable feature of the provider was the original math behind the games as well as an algorithm that does not allow to change the winning percentage

This sweepstake software has a little amount of its gaming machines as mostly they are the products of other companies, converted by Mega Jack specialists. However, there are original slots like Slot-o-pol, which received recognition and love of users.

Most of the offered products are characterized by better graphics, modified symbols, and payout sizes. It must be said that all games have a unique plot. If a player likes extreme sports, then Rock Climbers is just such a slot, where he can reincarnate as a mountaineer and go through all the stages to reach the top. Also, the manufacturer has developed historical versions of slot machines, with which you can instantly go back to the days of the reign of pirates. 

Knowing the customer taste

Creators took care of those who love adrenaline, as well as various espionage features. Such players can discover the Resident slot, in which you can feel yourself as a detective and find incredibly exciting adventures. People who prefer nature will have to travel to the forest, where they will have to protect the apiary from the annoying lover to eat honey – a bear. Also, one of the exciting types of video slots is considered “Gnome”, which tells the participant the story of how precious metals are mined. The great advantage of each slot machine is the presence of a bonus game in it, and sometimes not even one.

Often, if the user activates the first prize round, then he leads to the second. It is necessary to complete the first additional task successfully. Thus, the participant may plunge into the plot of the game because the bonus round will necessarily be associated with the theme of the slot and great rewards.


igrosoft gambling

Currently, the sweepstake software of this company is quite popular, and it is used in a large number of institutions and is successfully used in the Russian gaming market as well.

IgroSoft slots are described by an excellent appearance, high-quality functionality with a variable view, and the availability of profitable bonuses, as well as a customizable control panel. We can see the optimistic style of its games, in which the main characters are funny fruits (Fruit Cocktail), funny monkeys (Crazy Monkey), pirates, and many other cheerful characters. In addition, you can get a large number of winning combinations. Such a mechanic, like free game demos, attracts users and keeps them on their toes. Some players decide which casino to choose, precisely by the presence of IgroSoft’s favorite slots.

The appearance

Most of the slot machines from Igrosoft are presented in the form of slot machines, in which there are five reels and nine active rows. It is precisely these two elements that directly determine whether the winning combination is formed and whether the participant will receive a reward. But besides this, there are other elements in the game interface. So, each slot has a convenient control panel (by the way, it is the same in all machines of this manufacturer), with which the game itself is carried out. This panel contains special buttons that are responsible for one or another gameplay. The participant can adjust the size of game indicators, choose the values ​​of coins used in the game, as well as rotate the reels in two modes – automatic and manual.

Roll Fruits

But the list of slots of the same type is completed by the not quite usual for this manufacturer automata, the name of which is “Roll Fruit / 1” and “Roll Fruit / 5”. They differ from the primary devices in that they play based on only three drums, and they also have a small number of active lines. These factors affect the functionality of the control panel, which is represented here only by a pair of buttons that help in determining the rate and launching the reels. Information about the combinations and payments is available on the main page of the slot, which is quite convenient. So, we can conclude that developers like to make a variety of games, making them even more exciting and unforgettable.

Although the company rarely pleases its fans with the release of new products, it is still considered very popular and is liked by participants from many countries. Both experienced users and beginners love them because they have high-quality graphics, diversity in terms of design, and also offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

Evolution Gaming

Established in 2006, in just over a decade, the company made a real breakthrough in the development of casino software. Initially, the brand brought only blackjack, baccarat, and roulette to the live casino industry. But by 2007 the company expanded the list of games. Evolution Gaming today is a successfully developing brand with which well-known and novice gaming platforms collaborate.


benefits of online casino

An online casino software from Evolution Gaming provides the player with a real studio, allowing gamers to play in a realistic environment. The user watches the game process in real time. All this creates the effect of being present in a real casino.

In the favorite raw we can emphasize some games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat or three-card poker. For example, roulette is represented by several varieties, including the European version, the French and other versions. The form of participation in the game can be chosen: it is possible to observe a close-up of the wheel of fortune, or you can “order” the general plan, where the dealer gets into the frame.

Possible options

Among the varieties of roulette from Evolution Gaming, a special place is occupied by the option on slot machines. The principles that characterize roulette are inherent in the rest of the games from Evolution Gaming. For example, in blackjack, players are given the right to choose their favorite place at the gaming table, independently determine the appearance of the game, switch to the “View in action” mode to observe the gaming table in full. Among the functions of “live” baccarat from Evolution Gaming: the ability to make additional bets, track the moves of competitors. This allows the player to be more active in the game and stay in it for a long time.

The main advantage of the casino hold’em game is its mass character of an unlimited number of players able to join poker. Players play with the dealer, not against each other, so there are no restrictions on the number of participants. Beginners will be attracted to three-card poker, and experienced players will appreciate the value of the VIP-red room. It contains options for games from the previous sections with one distinctive feature: they can only be played at the maximum, solid stakes. These are the so-called “diamond” and “platinum” levels of the game, where only players of the elite class can enter.


vegas-x online casino software

Vegas-x is one of the most developed online casino software, which includes all the necessary aspects for casino websites to satisfy the customers’ needs. Here, we face different features displayed for the players’ convenience. Such features may consist of statistics related to the games like the most played casino game or the most profitable casino. Providing high speed, it is considered a reliable and safe casino software after passing several security tests.

There are some popular games available on the website for now:

  • Admiral
  • Magic Idol
  • Always Fruits
  • Fruiticilious
  • Wild 7
  • Bells on fire rombo


Depending on the features which are more important and relevant to you while choosing online casino software, you can check out any of the above-listed ones. However, you should carefully read the full list of services provided and pay attention to the support of languages and national currencies. It is also worth trying out the payment systems in advance, offered by the developers to ensure their reliability and convenience. 

Interesting Online Slots by Vegas-X

Online slots are the favorite games in online casinos. Slot games are not famous only on the Internet but also in ordinary casinos. You will find hundreds of different slots games, as opposed to a smaller number of table gambling.

Online slots are distinguished by their simplicity – you absolutely do not need to know some complicated rules or invent complex strategies. Just decide on the possible amount of money you want to spend on the game, and you can start playing. In automata, there are usually several reels on which symbols fall out. There are also winning lines, if you drop on certain characters, you will receive a fairly large amount.

Slot machines began their lives from the very first slots. At first, they were in the form of machines that stood in bars and gave out tickets for beer. Later, Charles Frey in 1895 created the first coin machine, in which a certain amount could be won. Then dealers from American casinos decided to use these devices more coolly. In the middle of the 20th century, separate casinos began to appear in the USA, in which there were only slot machines. This trend has become known as the “slotosphere”. With the development of the scientific and technical revolution, slots became more complicated and interesting, bonus games and functional symbols appeared.

In the Internet era, slots migrated to online casinos, where they still continue to be popular. There are many companies with top slot games, but today we will talk about the most interesting one – Vegas-X software.

History of online slots

online casino games

The history of the slots is quite interesting and goes back to the 1800s. As a rule, many believe that the first slots had fruit symbols, but this is not the case. It turns out that the first slots were made in Los Angeles, and had a card base. Instead of fruit, there were cards in them, so as not to scare the players with something new.

Soon, a certain Charles Fey led the slots to the form in which we have them today. The number of drums decreased to 3x. There were new symbols, the main of which was the bell of independence. That is why the slots and became known as The Liberty Bell. Also, the main innovation was that the slot can accept money for payment, and can give out winnings. Charles Fey started with just one slot, placing it in the saloon, but after a month he was forced to quit his job in order to get to the slots closely!

The next milestone in the history of slots was marked in 1964 when slots began to be made using microprocessors. They could calculate the outcome of the change, and were also better protected from hacking and counterfeiting. As a result of protection, the credibility of the machines increased significantly! In 1974 the first video slot and video poker were introduced. Some time passed before the players got used to the idea of ​​a new type of game.

And finally, in 1994, with the advent of the world’s first online casino, online slots began to appear, such as we see them today. They differ significantly because allow you to play even on mobile devices while providing greater image quality than past machines.

Betting types and rules & Types of Slots

Players like playing slots because they have simple rules. They are often spelled out in the information section, or on the online slot itself. Always next to the reels is the paytable, which shows how much you can win at what combination and bet.

Most often, the player puts one or more coins on one or more lines. The cost of a coin, the number of coins per line and the number of lines a player can choose. If this choice, of course, is provided by the functionality of a particular slot. Then you just have to turn the reels to knock out the most advantageous combination on one or another line.

A standard slot machine slot is a reel with three reels and one or several payment lines. Therefore, slots make up a separate look. Names, scenery, winnings and so on may change, but the essence of the three reels remains. Among these slots, you can only select those that offer to win a progressive jackpot. In such slots, a part of each bet always goes to fill the common pool. It is usually won when three characters fall on one line.

The theoretical percentage return (RTP) in online slots is almost always above 90%. This figure is much higher than in slots in offline casinos, where the RTP often starts from 75%. This means that over a long distance, a quarter of your bets will not return.

Vegas X slots

Vegas-X is a company which provides online slots games and sweepstakes software to various firms. Company’s gaming platform helps Internet Cafe software and online casino software to operate with all their games and services. Quality of online slots is very high and is suitable for any device. With the help of Vegas-X software, any firm can start their own business easily. Vegas-x platforms are very secure and always are in line to help with questions and solve problems. Besides, Vegas-X company offers software, so people can use them to open Riversweeps software business.

Admiral Nelson

Admiral Nelson is an online slot with five reels and ten rows. In slot games, there is a minimal bet. Bet in Admiral Nelson varies from minimum( one credit) up to one hundred on each line. As mentioned previously in most online slots, three same symbols are enough to win and sometimes two. For Admiral Nelson, players also need two or three symbols to win. And the most attractive thing is the huge coefficient, which is x5000. Players are always searching for games with high coefficients and Admiral Nelson is one of them.

Another pleasant thing is the risk game which can make the win twice more. It depends on players, to play this risk game or not. If players lose the game, then they do not get the prize. In case of winning the risk game, prize doubles. Also, Admiral Nelson is popular due to its free spins and other bonuses.

Billy’s Game

Another online slot by Vegas-X is Billy’s Game. This slot is not the easy one, but for professional players, it is an enjoyable game. Bill’s Game is a classic online slot game so it is not open to changes and can have only a few changes. It is a classic game with three reels. The maximum payout is 100 credits from seven combinations. On our website, users can view the videos of each game. In Billy’s Game’s video players can understand more about the game and see its structure. 

Work principle of online slots

The playing field is divided into reel cells, which are driven and stopped to form a sequence. For each move, a player pays money – makes a bet. If the sequence is winning, the player gets some winnings, which may be more or even less than the bet.

Additionally, slots may offer to play bonus games, risk winning and so on. All this is also embedded in the algorithm of any slots, igrosoft and other manufacturers. And all this is also aimed at giving the player hope to win.

Of course, the mechanism of the online slots is different from the classic one-armed gangsters in the real world, who were driven by a mechanism. They work in accordance with the prescribed online algorithm, and the actions of the player, in fact, have no effect on them. Playing slots, only the illusion of control is created, but everything goes according to the program scheme.

Where to play slot games with the instant output?

online slots

Drums are the main component of any gaming machine. Coils – this is in its main wheels with the symbols painted on them. When you press the “Spin” button, the reels spin around and eventually stop at a certain position.

The characters can be very different. They are often associated with the plot theme. For example, Dolphin’s Pearl has an underwater theme; Characters include dolphins, fish, shellfish, crabs, shrimp, and octopus. Well-known characters – playing cards, number 7 and Bar.

The payline can be horizontal, diagonal or zigzag. When you bet on a certain payline, you win when the winning symbols appear on it.

In the presence of a large deposit, it is quite justified to turn the reels with all the activated lines and with the maximum number of coins installed on each of them. Also in many progressive slot games, the jackpot will be “taken by storm” only if all the lines are active and the bet is maximum. But most often it is simply made fixed, without the impossibility of adjustment.

Can you always win in online slots?

All slots from different companies are configured for a certain percentage of returns. This means that part of the money that they lose, they give as a profit to casino owners. Part of the money goes to the formation of other players win.

As a rule, the percentage of returns of slots in real casinos does not exceed 95%. If the institution promises that return on slots is close to 100% or even exceeds this figure, then you can be deceived. As a rule, the rate of 99% or more percent is used for dishonest advertising. Not a single casino will agree to work with such low profitability of slot machines. In fact, the percentage of return can be much less than 50-90%.

Any good casino should provide certificates of integrity issued by third-party independent organizations that confirm the percentage of returns on slots. Percentages may also change over time.

What to choose?

When a Finnish player won 17.8 million euros after pressing Spin, he changed his life in an instant. Moreover, he invested a little, twisted half a dollar on Spin, but confidently went to his luck. Everyone knows that even won 5-10 thousand euros

is very pleasing, but when such winnings, it is probably difficult not to go crazy with joy. Just a moment ago, you were the simplest and even most needy person, and suddenly in one instant, you become a millionaire!

Therefore, only people who are far from the topic say that slot machines with withdrawals of money and bonuses are definitely nonsense since they are a big risk. And those who are lucky in online casinos always say that slots are great games. And to whom it is better to listen: to the lucky ones and the winners or to those who are not at all in this topic? Of course, only the first option. Therefore, you become the first, the best player with the best win. If a player wants to sell their business and plan to stay at home playing slots for eight hours a day to support their family, they need to stay away from slot machines. Also, planning, in this case, is very crucial, as you need to know your budget.

The primary reason for gambling is playing slots and winning. If the slot machine is not your thing, you can choose something different. 

Full safety when playing for money in a casino

All visitors know how convenient to play online slot machines with instant payouts of real money. Although the gambling industry is improving, fraudsters are not uncommon, so reputation is very important. The largest casino sites receive such a huge profit that deception or refusal to pay simply will not have any business sense, but only a risk for their license under which they operate.

Online casinos use a wide range of banking methods. The main methods of payment are credit cards, common web wallets, bank transfers. Each of these methods has its own security protocols, ensuring a secure, confidential, and secure transaction;

Deposits are usually instant, but withdrawals require from hours to several days to verify the casino itself. The verification process is the longest at the first removal. New players provide proof of their identity and postal address. The service checks them every time a payment is made. The best establishments use SSL certificates to digitally bind the cryptographic key on their site to secure transactions.

Use only the specified casinos, which are provided with the latest technology, to keep your personal information safe and encrypt, because fraudsters also keep up with the latest technological trends. Reliable sites take steps to make sure that the players are the very people they represent when they register. New players must be prepared to transfer personal documentation before withdrawing funds at the very first request. Sometimes this may seem frustrating, but security measures have been put in place to protect themselves from scammers. In addition to this, players of online slots also need to make sure that they are familiar with the terms of the casino.

A Complete Guide To Play Slot Games in 2021

If you ask any player what their favorite casino games are they will tell you about slot games. Sweepstakes slots are the most popular product of the casino industry, and they keep attracting customers every day. Not only that these games are easy to play, but they hold impressive jackpots, sometimes reaching 1$ million dollars. Slot games are commonly known as casino classics, given their long-time history. Nowadays, you can find them everywhere, online or in land-based casinos.  This article is all about slot games. If you are a slots newbie, take it as a complete slot games guide and use it on your way to big payouts.

Slot games history

The first slot machine originates from California, United States. The first slot game appeared in 1895, and it operated on coins. The mechanical system behind slot games ‘didn’t change that much in the last decades. Therefore, ‘let’s proceed and explain this mechanism.

Slots Mechanism

As we all know, a slot game starts quite quickly. You just insert some coins and then pull the handle and wish for the best. The handle triggers a series of gear movements and rotations. From a ‘gambler’s point of view, this means that the reels start spinning. After a few seconds, the reels stop one at a time, building suspense. The symbols combinations determine the payout. If you get three right symbols, ‘you’ve won the jackpot.

Electrical Slots

online casino

Electronic slot games work on the same principle. Motors and solenoids represent the only new features, but they do the exact work like the old ones. However, we know that the gambling industry develops itself regularly. Therefore, new slots machines are more complex, and they offer better gaming experiences. For example, new terminals have new, flashy designs meant to catch the players eye. Also, the currency device is more sophisticated, and the sound effects are closer to real-life.

Payout systems

You might wonder how this simple machine detects how much ‘you’ve won. Each slot game has a pre-set winning combination. This algorithm associated with a series of discs and notches within the device. The jackpot-assigned groove is slightly more profound than the others. Therefore, the machine will stop at the right combination. The notch activates a money dispenser, holding all the “unlucky” coins. However, this system advances over time, paying out on different occasions.  All gamblers know that slot games can payout smaller prizes or the heavily-hunted jackpot. So, developers added different types of notches and stops for this matter.

Photoelectrical cells are the essentials of another payout system. This method uses light detectors when analyzing the symbol combinations.  In this kind of machines, the discs we mentioned earlier, have holes through them. The light shines through these holes and creates a pattern. Based on the outcome, the photodiode generates a similar pattern, indicating the payout.

Last but not least, we will talk about present slot payout systems. Computers or specific sweepstakes software controls this type of policy, altering the old principle. A central computer controls the outcome of every handle pull. This device tells reels where and when to stop. However, this ‘doesn’t mean it decides how much money the game will pay out. This is where a vital slot games factor steps in. It is called RNG, and we will talk about it on our next topic.


The random number generator is the brain of all slot games available on ‘today’s gambling market. This generator is the general form of “lucky chances.” After every handle pull or press of a button, the RNG starts working. This device generates whole numbers, from one to a few billion.  When the player pulls his or her hand back or stops pushing the button, the computer receives the last RNG numbers. Through another technical process based on these values, the reels will stop. If we are talking about a three-reel slot game, each reel gets an assigned random-generated number. To determine the reels positions, the computer divides the number by a specific value. Most slot games divide by 32, 64, 128, 256 or 512.  For example, our machine divides the numbers by 32, meaning 32 different winning possibilities. These possible values are taken on a large virtual reel and act as stops. We must remind you that every slot game has 22 reels. Therefore, some stops link to the same virtual reel.

RNG Benefits

slot games

The random number generator is a lucky ace in disguise for any player. The following sweepstakes games trick helps even the most notorious gamblers pick a lucky slot game. If you play sweepstakes slots long enough, you can track the RNG pattern of the game. Players refer to this pattern as loose or tight. Loose slot machines pay out less money, but ‘it’s easier to win them.

On the other hand, tight slot games hold impressive amounts of money, but ‘it’s quite hard to reach them. In casino terms, this pattern is called volatility. Slot games software developers usually state volatility values, especially on the online casino software. If a game has a payout ratio lower than x5000, it has low volatility. Medium to high volatility slots reaches around x10.000 payout ratios. This comes in very handy for players because they ‘won’t lose time testing out different slot games.

Nevertheless, this aspect makes sweepstakes slots more fun. If you are in it for the gaming experience, choose a loose machine. You will have fun without causing too much damage to your bank account. On the other hand, if you are in it to win it, go with high volatility games. You will spend more time in front of the screen, getting closer to the big jackpot.


Although it sounds like RNG, this value is nothing like the last one. You might have seen it all over internet cafes and online gambling platforms. The return to player percentage is significant in every slot game out there. This value decides how much money a player can get back from his or her initial bet. Be careful, though, because it ‘doesn’t belong to you only. This value takes in all bets from a specific slots game during a certain time frame. Explained in a more flexible approach, the higher the RTP percentage gets, the more winning chances you have. However, the RTP value can vary from casino to casino. Software developers advertise this setting as customizable, creating a more competitive market for investors.

RTP 101

The RTP percentage is another slot games algorithm, and it is only theoretical. Therefore, you ‘can’t take it as a given in every gaming situation. This value relies on how many people play the slot game in question. The wagers placed by people are the ones determining the average RTP of a casino game. For example, if the slots have a 97% percent RTP, it means you get 97% percent shots at winning. Also, money-wise, if you placed a 1$ dollar bet, you can get 97 cents back over some time. The most popular sweepstakes games hold a 96% percent RTP value, and they can increase up to 99% percent. Slot games with high RTP usually have attractive graphics, bonuses, and background themes. As a helping tool, the return to player percentage is the opposite of the house edge. The second value is commonly known across the casino industry because it is present in every sweepstakes or table game.

The RTP and the house edge

slot games

The house edge states how much the casino gains out of your betting. We can define the house edge as a percentage of wager or stakes placed by the players. Meanwhile, the RTP states how much of that money comes back to the gambler’s pocket. These two values come together and form the 100% percent winnings in any online or land-based casino. For example, if a slot game has a 95% percent RTP, then the house edge has a 5% percent value. This information helps players choose the right slot game but also the right casino platform.

RTP in progressive slots

Progressive slots are a new come up on the gambling market. These games usually hold substantial jackpots and attract tons of players. However, their RTP is not always high, and we can say that they somehow break the rules. Most progressive slot games have an RTP of 80%-90% percent. We can easily explain this method by looking at the big winners. When a player wins the jackpot, the slot software developer instantly lowers the RTP of the game. By doing this, they extend the competition, allowing other players to win as well. Let us remind you those progressive slots jackpots worth thousands if not millions of dollars. If you want to risk and win big, choose these games. If you prefer a safer lane, go with non-progressive slots with higher RTP percentages.


It is finally time to put ourselves in the player’s shoes and focus only on the slot games. So far, we talked about classic slots that have only three reels. However, online casino games are more updated. Therefore, reels range between three and five, in some cases, even more. Also, the winning combination ‘doesn’t always form a line. Sometimes it can go diagonally, vertically or in a zig-zag. These updates make the games more exciting, and they create more winning odds for the gamblers.


Every online slot game has between nine and thirty paylines. The number of paylines determines your winning chances after each spin. For example, if a game has ten paylines, you get ten shots at winning. Most people know that you need three identical symbols to win, and they can fall anywhere on the payline. Players should keep in mind that they gain as much as they bet. If you bet on only three lines, you can earn according to those paylines only. Also, the more lines you bet on, the more money you pay per spin. Most people like to play on multiple fronts, getting them closer to the prizes. But if you want to take your time and enjoy the game, you can bet on only one payline.

Wild Symbols

Winning symbols are relatively new in the slot games world. They first emerged on the online platforms, but now we can find them in sweepstakes internet cafes as well. Players love these features because they make everything much more straightforward and hold different bonuses. For example, you need only two wild symbols for a winning combination. Besides, these symbols substitute for any other symbol, bringing you closer to substantial payouts. Wild symbols differ in every slot game out there. The elements depend on the game theme, meaning they can look like fruits, animals, or jewels. In some games, wild symbols provide different bonuses as well. We are talking about free spins or free bonus rounds.

Scatter Symbols

We already mentioned that sometimes, wild symbols provide bonuses as well. Meanwhile, software developers got some surprises in store for their players. We are talking about the scatter symbol, that has a central bonus function. These elements offer free spins, bonus rounds, and bonus games by default. Usually, you need three scatter symbols on your screen to activate their bonus features. However, some slot games require only one or two symbols. They ‘don’t need to land on paylines; they just need to appear on your screen. Wild symbols or vice versa can’t replace scatter symbols, but they pop up quite often throughout the game. Maximize these bonuses and get the most out of your gaming experience.


slot games

Slot games are famous for their free spins bonuses. Also, you can get bonus rounds or free extra games. These bonuses not only provide extra lucky chances, but they can multiply your bet. For example, a free bonus round can increase your payout by even x5000 times.

Meanwhile, bonus games hold more rewards. They ‘don’t appear that often, but when they do, they are worth the wait. These extra games are usually easy to win and give out even more bonuses. For example, a bonus game can hold a few free spins. Bonuses work only in the advantage of the player. Make sure you use them wisely when you encounter these features.

Bet amounts

This aspect is essential in every slot game. Bet amounts indicate how much you can start with. Most slot games have minimum and maximum bets. For example, in a 1 to 100 bet coin range, you can start with a 1$ dollar bet and maximize it to 100$ dollars. Nevertheless, the amount you bet on is equally proportional with the winning amount.

Spin and Autoplay

Spin and Autoplay are particular sweepstakes slots features. Players need to decide if they want to take the game in their own hands or just let the gods of luck decide. The spin setting allows you to control the game at every spin manually. The autoplay feature does the work for you, while you sit back and enjoy the payouts. Most players choose the spin option, but it is all up to you.


In conclusion, slot games are not that hard to master. They work on a simple mechanism ‘that’s easy to understand. Features like the RTP and RNG activate the slots and produce the actual winnings. The mathematical algorithms can seem, but software developers put them out in the open in a user-friendly way.

While playing slot games, keep an eye on the bonuses and make the best out of them. Also, never forget that you win as much as you bet. Be careful about how many paylines you play and what combinations the game allows. Slot games offer excellent, and if you are lucky enough, you can go home with quite a profit.


Vegas-X is an experienced slot games provider, with years of business under its belt. We specialize in state-of-the-art 3D casino games and casino software. Vegas-x holds an impressive slot games portfolio, including some of the most popular sweepstakes games available. Our company focuses on providing high-quality products on a secure, hi-tech gaming platform. Besides, we offer customization services to fulfill all of our ‘customer’s needs.
Asides our software products, we also offer online casino business opportunities. We know how hard casino business can get, that’s why we support our customers 100% percent. Vegas-x offers innovative marketing solutions and business tools. Our company provides a full administrator panel, user-friendly and mobile device compatible. More so, everything we offer comes at an affordable price and fully licensed. Partner up with Vegas-x and win the casino business jackpot!

6 Best Online Casino Games to Win

There are hundreds and hundreds of online casino games out there. Everyone knows how intense the competition is between online casino software developers. These engineers are the creators of every favorite gambler game, and they are the ones in charge of updates and new developments. The 2019 online casino software trends set new standards in the gaming world, today’s games being more accurate and exciting than ever. This year brought updates like virtual reality, cryptocurrency, enhanced graphics and animations and technical features like more bonuses and more gaming options. While the first two features mentioned are not as widespread, the others are essentials criteria’s regarding the best games on the market.

Online gamblers are quite picky and have many expectations from online casino games. To make it easier for every gambling lover to find a suitable game in the sea of the World Wide Web, we are going to present the best online casino games in this article. We will guide you through the pros and cons of each game, but more importantly, we will highlight what makes it one of the best in the online casino industry.

Reef Run

Online Casino Games

Reef Run Slots is an online casino game powered by Yggdrasil Gaming, one of the top developers of this industry. The Video Slot has five reels and twenty paylines, placed from left to right. Like any other slots game, this one requires three or more same symbols on the same payline to hit the jackpot. One of the essential features of this game are the graphics. The game’s theme is an underwater kingdom, and the symbols are very related to the storyline. Impressive state-of-the-art graphics, fun animations, and surreal sound effects make up for an outstanding gaming experience. Reef run’s symbols are all about ocean life.

High-paying symbols take the form of colorful crabs, lobsters, sea horses, and octopuses. As the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” goes, in this game, the green puffer fish is the most crucial element. The ugly creature can multiply your initial bet by 1000% percent if you find five of them on a single payline.


Another great asset of this online casino game is the bonuses. Players begin the game with around 60 free spins, and on top of that, they can stumble upon multipliers that can increase the payout by 20 times more. Finding three free spins symbols, bring an extra ten bonus free games. Another special mention is the winning payline fish. Once you hit the payline, this lucky fish gives a multiplier bonus the next time its part of a winning combination. Also, the multipliers increase every time you get a winning fish, from five times more to even 20 times more.

Free spins are re-triggered by scatter symbols, so watch out for those as well. The Reef Run online casino game can enable massive payouts, sometimes around 150.000$ dollars. This game’s volatility is medium to low, which is a rare feature for its developer, but this is what made it famous. Great graphics, massive amounts of bonuses, and rapid-fire gameplay are the main features of Reef Run slots and players surely love it.

House of Doom Slots


We are still in the slots category when talking about this game. Developed by Play ‘N go, House of Doom is a smartphone-friendly game that requires minimum bets. As the title suggests, this game has dark visuals, reminding players of a horror movie. As soon as the film begins, a dark purple church sets upon skulls followed by intense heavy metal music. The symbols have gothic influences as well, and the elements include barbed wired crosses, flaming roses, ram skulls, pentagrams, and goth-looking playing cards. The way graphics mix with the sounds effects made House of Doom, one of the best online casino games available.

Features of the game

Technical-wise, this online casino game has five reels and ten fixed paylines. The most rewarding symbol is the latter which gives 70 times the bet, for five letters on a single payline. Every slot has a wild symbol, and in House of Doom, a seer represents this element. It can give either a small payout if you get two of them either it will multiply your bet by 100 if you hit five across a payline. The highlight of the game’s bonuses is the Skulls of Abyss Bonus Game, and you activate it when stumbling upon the skull scatter symbol on three middle reels. Each picked head hides a prize; you can win cash prizes or enable the Doom Spins feature.

This feature gives out an extra ten free spins and the scatter transforms into a wild symbol, giving you another wild. Last but not least, there is a House of Symbol scatter that rewards you with more free spins if it lands on the first, third, and fifth reel. Concluding, players can win 2,500 times their bet on each spin or free spin they have. House of Doom has a medium to low volatility, making it great for every gambler interested in excellent online casino games.

Gonzo’s Quest

Online Casino Games

This game is the best online casino game of 2019 in the slot category. It’s software provider, NetEnt, used the famous story of Gonzalo Pizzaro, also called Gonzo. The conqueror goes through the wild jungles of Amazon to find Eldorado, the lost city of gold. Its visual features are more than unusual; the developer used state-of-the-art 3D animations and original other design patterns while creating this game. The sound effects also resemble a jungle, and their timing is perfect.

We all had high expectations when it came to this game because of its producer, but this storyline blew away the audience, and it is by far the best online casino game of this year. It is different than other online slot games because it doesn’t use standard spinning reels. Instead, they use Avalanche Reels, where the symbols fall from above. When forming a winning combination, the Mayan inspired symbols explode and disappear. The mix falls into gaps, and other new symbols emerge from the top to fill the blanks. On the right corner of the screen, the players can see the multiplier meter, that increases after every win. Players can get five times more than they initially bet by paying attention to the multiplier meter.

Free falls bonus

Another exciting characteristic of Gonzo’s Quest is Free Falls Bonus. Three Free Fall scatter symbols that fall on three different reels activate the bonus. By getting this combination, you will get a reward of ten extra spins and a change in the multiplier meter. After every time the player wins, the value will go from three times to 15 more times than your original stake. To sum it up, you can get ten free spins and a 15x multiplier at the same time. You can re-trigger freer falls too, and when winning, you will see Gonzo perform a happy dance and even do a moonwalk. As we mentioned earlier, 3D animations are the best feature of this game.

In countries like the United Kingdom or Sweden, Gonzo’s Quest is a cult online casino game already. Even if it has medium volatility, players can win 350 times more than their original bet. Mixing the great bonuses with the outstanding graphics, this online casino game offers an excellent, and it is sure to say that it will not leave the charts anytime soon.

Age Of The Gods Roulette

Online Casino Games

Even if this online casino game had an earlier version, Playtech, its developer, decided to launch a new updated version in 2017. Therefore, we are looking at Age Of The Gods Roulette – a live dealer roulette game, the first live online casino table game produced by this developer. The game includes a four-tiered progressive jackpot offered across all slots and software-based roulette games powered by Playtech. Like in other games in this franchise, a percentage of the player’s bets go to the main Mystery Jackpot with every spin they take.

The roulette game itself didn’t suffer many changes, but it got a free spins-like alternative – Golden Coins. A live dealer hosts the game from a studio, in front of a 26-meter video wall that acts as a green screen. Playtech invested a lot in their technology, network connections, graphics, and player options, and when playing Age of The Gods Roulette this fact is clear to everyone. The game’s menu includes added limits and statistic options and plays history for the gamblers.

Winning chance

Winning chances in this online roulette game range from 300$ dollars to 243,000$ dollars, making it one of the biggest paying games on the market. The return to player ratio has a minimum of 94.7% percent, meaning the chances are more favorable to the player. There are many best strategies available, and to make it simple for gamblers, the game has a help option. This setting displays everything from different types of bets, how the game works or the payout history. As a con, Age of The Gods lacks customization setting, asides customizable soundtracks.

To make up for this inconvenience, the game shows incredible graphics taken out of a Greek Mythology Story. The storyline of this game is very wholesome; players can spot the many Greek Gods together with their names and abilities. This online casino games operator offers bonuses up to 600$ dollars with a 10% percent cash back rate, which is very good for new users on the platform. Besides, the Playtech gaming platform has user-friendly settings and flawless graphics and navigation features, making it one of the best online casino games.

Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

slot machine

Evolution Gaming comes with a new Texas hold’em poker variant. Gamblers play against the house and the game doesn’t accept any bets after the River card. All players play the same hand, but they can make their own choices as well. At the beginning of the game, both dealer and player receive two hole cards, the player’s cards are upside-down. Afterward, the player can fold or give it up to the Ante, or play by doubling up the amount. The game offers the same options after the user performs the Flop and Turn cards. The Ante card pays on a winning hand of a Straight or higher and pushes anything less. The Flop, Turn, and River bets pay even money.

In Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, you get an optional Bonus Bet that pays for a pair or even better hands of cards. For example, if you reveal a pair of Aces, you get paid with a 1000 to 1 ratio. Another bonus is the First Five Jackpot Bet that allows you to collect a percentage of the progressive jackpot. The Royal Flush increases your betting amount, and three-of-a-kind or better gives you a fixed prize. What makes this game one of the best online casino games out there is the gaming experience. Players have multiple choices, additional bonuses, and ways to win. Asides, the progressive jackpot feature used to belong to slots only.Introducing it in a live poker game can only excite players all around the globe.

What makes this game one of the best online casino games out there is the gaming experience. Players have multiple choices, additional bonuses, and ways to win. Asides, the progressive jackpot feature used to belong to slots only.Introducing it in a live poker game can only excite players all around the globe.

Planet Of The Apes Slots

Another gem of the online casino games world is NetEnt’s Planet of The Apes Slots. The developer collaborated with 20th Century Fox for this game, and it takes up on the legendary two-part movie, Planet of the Apes. Like in the film, the game has two parts, Rise and Dawn, and lots of features related to this detail. The slots game itself has ten reels and forty paylines, and it is available on all devices. While playing this game, the player will journey between the two phases of Ape Army leader Caesar’s life. Because it relies on a movie, the visuals are fantastic.

There are movie-related settings and even film footage included in the game storyline. The symbols include Rise and Dawn elements and ten cards featuring on both sides. The movie’s famous characters are present in the game as well. The animations are followed by their matching voices and other authentic sound effects. Graphics-wise, this game gets ten out of ten points. Every movie fanatic will enjoy and relate fully while playing this online slots game.

Bonuses and free spins

On the same dual-theme, the gameplay includes dual reels- each has five reels and twenty paylines. Caesar’s attic window symbol acts like a wild and replaces all symbols excepts scatter and bonus ones. When this wild appears on the Rise reel, it triggers the Stacked Wild feature that duplicates on to the Dawn playing area. The Rise bonus is an additional cash bonus giving out 80 times more than your total stake. The Dawn Bonus can win you around 1,200 times more than the initial stake.

The Rise Free Spins feature enables ten free spins when players get a Rise scatter symbol on the screen. After the spins finish, the game collects all extra wilds  and adds them to the play area. This means you can multiply your bet 600 times more with each turn. The Dawn Free Spins bonus act the same way as the Rise one but gives out 15 extra spins. Along with these bonuses, there are other multipliers, bonus games, and such extras, all maximizing your bets and winning odds. Concluding, Planted of the Apes slot is one of the most sophisticated online casino games available but is NetEnt’s best-branded slot title ever released.

Vegas-X Games

In conclusion, all the best casino games have the best graphics features and exciting storylines. On top of that, they offer wide ranges of bonuses on a user-friendly platform. Mobile device availability and player options and settings are very well welcome characteristics as well. Vegas-X is an online casino games software provider specialized in state-of-the-art 3D casino games. Our company provides only high-quality gaming solutions, certified by experts and licensed by law. We offer a wide range of games from slots, online poker, and roulette to even backgammon.

The Vegas-X gaming platform is renowned for its customizable settings, stable gaming platform, and enhanced security. We have a 20 slot games collection, all holding impressive graphics and sound effects. On top of this, we offer help to any investor interested in opening an online casino. Our marketing solutions are valuable and come at an outstanding price-quality ratio. If you want to play the best online casino games in the best gaming environment, visit the Vegas-X website and try our solutions.

11 Sneaky Ways to Cheat at Sweepstakes Slots

Sweepstakes slot machines are the most productive games in any casino or online gaming platform. The player wins, the business owner wins, and sadly, the cheaters win too. Even if behind sweepstakes slots is a very well-built software and not a traditional roulette dealer, cheaters still make their way in.

What made sweepstakes slots so famous is the adrenaline rush they provide. By betting a small bet, sometimes a few quarters, you can win the jackpot or lose it all in the blink of an eye. This uncertainty is what gets the people going. Sweepstakes slots are easy games to play and work on simple rules. They have attractive backstories and characters, high definition graphics and outstanding sound effects. But the essential feature of these games is the prize. This prize usually means enormous amounts of money. With this said, it is not hard to see why gamblers always return to play and why some of them try to cheat. Further on, we will look at eleven most popular sneaky ways to cheat at sweepstakes slots.

#1 Using Cheat Codes


As we all know, sweepstakes slots and any other casino or gambling game, are heavily-regulated by the law. Authorities are always there to ensure that the casino and online gambling industry is running smoothly and correctly.

Gaming software developers are always coming up with new features and updates to upstage cheaters. Each sweepstakes slots machine is monitored and audited, meaning that the engineers behind the games know every code that runs it. Sometimes, they can use it for their benefit.

Let’s take Ronald Dale Harris for example. This notorious cheater was actually on board in the Nevada Gaming Commission. The Cheat Code method was his ” weapon” of choice. For many years, he cheated sweepstakes slots by knowing their codes. Usually, cheaters work in pairs or groups, and Harris wasn’t an exception. In 1998, his partner cheated a keno game and won over 100,000 dollars. Investigators discovered their scam shortly after.

#2 Blast From the Past:  The Shaved Coin

Before explaining the scamming method, let’s find out what is a shaved coin. People use this practice since Roman times, and it seems it won’t retire any time soon. Shaving or clipping bits of metal from the edge of a coin would modify the currency but not alter it. Today, with technology moving at a fast pace, sweepstakes slots upgraded their system too. The games use a light sensor that registers the payment. In general, this optical sensor doesn’t transmit data to the physical comparison system. So, if you insert a shaved coin in the machine together with an object that matches the shape and size of the coin, the game will start. The trick here is that the game returns the shaved coin to the player and the one that runs the game is the actual object.

#3 Counterfeit Coins


Counterfeit or fake coins are as actual as they were in the past. Even though they require a lot of time and attention, cheaters still like to use this method.

Professional deceiver, Louis ” The Coin” Colavechhio got his nickname because of this scam. Using coin duplication, he cheated plenty of casinos of thousands of dollars. Police caught him in 1998 and served jail time until 2006. Shortly after his liberation, he went back to his old ways. He now serves time for counterfeit 100 dollar bills.

#4 The Light Wand Technique

This technique is one of the most famous cheats in gambling history. It takes a lot of creativity and knowledge for this scam, but Tommy Glenn Carmichael was no stranger to sweepstakes slots cheats.

When you hear the word ” light wand” you might think of Harry Potter or Dynamo. But this infamous cheater is far from being a magician. Charmichael manufactured the wand from a camera battery and a small bright LED. The light wand’s system was simple: by shining it into a slot machine, the sensor would go blind. After this, the game would pay out because the computer behind it wouldn’t know how many coins the player inserted or how much to give. Using this method, Carmichael was cashing in around $10,000  per day. He got caught in front of a sweepstakes slots machine in Las Vegas trying to cheat. Later on, after being incarcerated, he received a lifetime ban from entering a casino.

#5 The Piano Wire Method

Sweepstakes Slots

As it shows by now, most of these scams came to life in the Casino Golden Era, the ’80s. The first record of this cheat surfaced in 1982 in Atlantic City. This scam involves a group of people and a 20 inch long piano wire. The wire is attached to the front of the game. This action allows the cheaters to stop the reel controller and move the reels as they like. When the reels line up, the machine pays out the jackpot.

By using this technique, a group of men collected jackpots worth 3.25 million dollars. This scam remained the most massive sweepstakes slot cheating scam in casino history. Security cameras filmed them while rigging a slot machine and winning the $50,000 jackpot in a casino in Atlantic City.

#6 The Front-Back Joint

This scam hit the headlines in the ’70s and ’80s. It is one of the most clever cheating methods ever used. Cheaters use a homemade tool split into two parts. The top part is a metal rod bent in the shape of the letter Q. The second part is a long wire. By putting the bottom piece through the coin chute and the other part through the coin slot, the machine forcibly releases all the coins it stored.

#7 Carmichael’s Monkey Paw

Sweepstakes Slots

Tommy Carmichael hits again, folks! This professional cheater invented the monkey paw scam. He came up with this method after researching some video poker machines. Let’s go back a little bit and remind ourselves that this happened in the 1980s. Video poker machines were new at that time, and the software running them was harder to jam. But Carmichael had a plan: he connected a guitar line to a bent metal shaft. By pushing this device into the machine’s air drain and moving it around, he would switch on the coin dispenser. Therefore, hello, jackpot! The coins would flood out of the sweepstakes slot.

#8 Ticket Validator Device

This technique is effortless to apply, and it is not as risky for fraudsters like other scams are. This cheating method comes in after paying out or gambling at a sweepstakes slot machine.

In some casinos, filling up sweepstakes slots with coins takes up a lot of time and effort. As a solution, they implemented tickets as a form of winning, that the player can cash in whenever he wants.

This scam also called “ticket in- ticket out”, goes like this: the slot cheat inserts a $100 bill from his banknotes, into the note acceptor. By pushing the cash out button, they receive a ticket. Later on, this ticket gets photocopied in such a way that it looks like a real voucher.  The last step is passing trough casino ticket check-up. If the staff is not using a mobile device for checking the tickets, cheaters can end up cashing in the fraud voucher as well.

Nowadays, it is tough to get away with this scam because of the technology used. Every casino has pro devices and advanced security cameras systems, making it hard for fraudsters to fool them.

#9 The Chip Replacement Method

casino chips

This method is the artwork of another sweepstake slots scam master. His name is Dennis Nikrasch, and his slots cheating concept remains a highlight in casino frauds history.

Everything started in his garage when he bought a slot machine. He opened it up to figure out how does it work and what are its main flaws. Nikrasch found out that the computer chips inside the game are reprogrammable. This scammer did it in such a way that the slot machine would pay out the jackpot in an instant.

After solving out that matter, he ordered a bunch of chips and hacked those as well. What he later made sounds like it’s out of a movie script. He hired a group of scammers that helped him fraud casinos for years in a row. They were entering casinos to play sweepstakes slots, but when no one was paying attention, they changed the regular slots with the fake ones. Using this strategy, Dennis Nikrasch made more than 15 million dollars in the ’80s. He got his conviction in 1998.

#10 The Software Glitch

Software glitches serve as a tool for slots fraudsters. By playing in a certain way or using a distinctive pattern, cheats could trigger a slots bug that pays out the jackpot. The bad part is that a lot of honest players that conquered the big prize legitimately cannot get a hold of it because of this situation.

This scam threatens the online sweepstakes slots as well. For example, a teenage boy from Finland scammed an online casino out of more than 130,000 euros. He took advantage of a software glitch and the casino’s policy to register under a fake name and transfer amounts of money to an online bank account.

#11 The Classic Yo-Yo Scam

This scam is an actual classic. You might have seen this on cartoons before. Mickey Mouse may have used it to steal a cupcake from a bakery. Well, the technique we saw on T.V. is the same one that sweepstake slot cheats use.

You attach a coin to a string, and then you insert it in the slots machine. The coin will immediately start the game, and you are supposed to retract the string. Therefore, you can play sweepstakes slot games for free. Nowadays, this scam is rather useless because of the advanced technology and software.

Tips for Sweepstakes Slots

Because we presented some of the sneakiest cheats for sweepstake slots, we will also show some useful tips for winning at them. Just because sweepstakes slot machines are present in every casino for as long as we ‘ve known, it doesn’t mean that they are less sophisticated. Behind every sweepstakes slot, there is a gaming strategy. Check out below some tips and tricks that will help you win at every slot machine:

One play: it’s a simple strategy that turned out the most effective as well. This idea states that you should play a slot machine once with the highest amount you can get. If you win, play again if not, try another device. You should have a bit of luck in store for this, but it will sure keep you from getting bored.

Small Jackpots

If you want to win at sweepstakes slots in a short time, reach out for the ones with the smaller jackpots. The lower the pot, the bigger your chances to win. If you play sweepstake slot games that pay out a big prize, the harder the strategy behind it, therefore, if you try to succeed in the short-term, most likely you will fail.

It takes up to several hours to gain huge jackpots. Giving out the fact that slots are called games of chance, it means that playing such huge bets will lower your winning chances. Your best option is to stay away from novelty themed sets with a big payout and stick to the ones that offer a smaller prize.

Video Reels

Best way to deal with this kind of machines is to avoid them. These sweepstakes slots are attractive, because of their outstanding graphics and cool sound effects. But as it turns out, these machines pay back far less than the normal ones. Video slots can offer 5% less money than a regular device would give out. Sure, 5% means nothing, but in the sweepstakes slots world, it makes a huge difference.

Is there a reason behind the difference? Yes, there is. Slots that display videos and other entertainment features take a bit longer to load. The casino considers this a stand by; in other words, they are not making money. Because of this reason, they chose to raise their charges for customers opting for these games. So, sticking to a classic slot machine is an excellent way to go, with higher winning stakes.

Stick to Fixed Payouts

Some video slots have fixed payouts, and others have progressive jackpots. This means they use a tool that increases jackpots with every losing play. In a more straightforward approach; the more people play, the higher the prize gets. Even if progressive slot games seem more attractive because of the big prizes, your odds are much lower than they would be at a regular machine. So, sticking to fixed maximum payout machines is a better choice if you want to take some money home.

In conclusion, there are many scamming methods and cheating tools out there. The casinos and sweepstakes slots industry are improving their security and software every day to avoid losing money due to cheating. Engineers and software developers are upgrading the games and platforms constantly. But the hacker became more and more experienced, and they get quickly accustomed to new codes and algorithms. What’s interesting about these sneaky cheats is that the ones that work are using easy tools. Most of these methods emerged in the 80s when names like Carmichael and Marcus were hitting the headlines on a day to day basis. It turns out; they earned their notoriety for a good reason. Luckily, with technology moving so fast, sweepstakes slots will eventually become cheat-free.

About Vegas X

Vegas X is a sweepstake slot and casino games developer and marketer. Specialized in the state-of-the-art 3D casino and multiplayer casino games, we guarantee a secure experience and a hi-tech gaming platform. Asides, we offer a wide range of solutions for internet cafes and casino businesses. As an entrepreneur looking to start a casino business, Vegas X has all the answers you need. We offer personalized solutions and customized gaming software, adapting to our client’s requirements.Additionally, we will be involved 100% in the process, making sure that the games, sweepstake slots and platform reach expectations and needs. Sweepstakes slots engineers are working closely with us, testing and implementing our products to ensure top quality and performances. Vegas X is a fully licensed company that leads to edge infrastructure. We assist our partners 24/7 so if you have questions or you need our help, contact us or visit the Vegas X website.

Amatic Slot Games

In today’s world, there are millions of slot games and one of them is Amatic slot games. This company was created in Austria in 1993. İt is producing slot kind games and exports them to countries which are located in Europe. Its policy is to expand its market share, and that’s why they have spread to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Thanks to the hard work of the founder of Amatic Mr.R Bauer this expansion realized. This expansion was not so easy, using the most modern casino and game business and offering high-quality services, it made it possible for The Amatic slot games to take some parts of the UK and Ireland markets. The company uses Novomatic, and due to this reason, casino lovers easily recognize the characters used in the slots. We have talked about the good sites of the company and let’s give some negative examples. This company has not spread all over the world, and it is not as reliable as other gambling companies.

Admiral Nelson



If you think that it would be excellent to fight in sea war with one of the best captain called Admiral Nelson you are in the right place. In this slot game, there are many lines and bet lines to pick up.  In this game, every player can enjoy sea adventures by playing in your phones and tablets. I understand that it is so dull to be on the ship if you are not in the center of the war and most of the sailors are busy playing cards. But there is good news for you. You can make prizes up to 3000 by finding all kinds of cards.

There is an anchor in every ship. In this slot game, if you can secure the anchor of the boat, you can win about 10,000 coins. But this number is not the last number which you can make in the game. If you can see one of the beautiful Frances, you can make prices up to 20,000 coins. After the victory in the war, every player on the board becomes Wild and wild admirals get the force to change all the principal emblems to acquire prices of the members who joined the team at the end. Admiral Nelson is so famous because of his excellent game strategy. You can learn from him the approach and make victories. By using his plan, it is possible to play from 1 coin up to 1000 coins.

Billionaire Slot


Have you have ever thought about to be a billionaire and spend your money? From the “Billyonare slot game”, you can get some lessons about this topic. The tips which you will learn from this Amatic game is immense. You will find out how to spend money, where to spend money and also you will have a chance to collect little wealth by lining different kinds of symbols. The symbols include cigars and fancy cars. You can play exciting games like Wild Grand X Casinos, free, and others. It is useful to play this game using a PC or Macbook, or another mobile gadget. The main character of the game is Billy. He wants to begin his day by drinking a cup of nice tea. If you fetch him tea, you will gain 500 coins. Like other billionaires, Billy also likes to read newspapers while drinking tea. When you propose his paper, he will give 750 coins.

It is not unusual for Billy what time of day it is that’s why any time he drinks alcohol like whiskey or cigar and you have a very excellent opportunity to gain 1000 coins when you offer him these products. Billy has another distinguishing feature. He does not like to drive a car.  If you are a good driver and take him wherever he wants to go, you will make 5000 coins. In every spin, you have a chance to choose different sorts of lines and line bets. First of all, select 10 to 40 lines and later claim a range between 1 and 25. The minimum amount for the stake is 40 coins, and the maximum is 1000 coins per spin.




Are you familiar with Italian playboy Casanova? Most probably yes. Have you ever wanted to be like him? Amatic slot games give you a chance to be virtual Casanova. In Venice Italy, you can attract different woman include blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Amatic has dragged Casanova to the 21st century. Using mobile phones, you can lure women. If you are ready to grab the attention of all Venice women, then begin to amass all the necessary details. If you take a gondola to ride or visit the palace you are going to make 12.500 coins. In Venice, high society women were wearing masks to hide, and this feature will bring you 100.000 coins.

It is a great pleasure for Casanova to become crazy, and when this happens, Casanova can give rewards up to 50.000 coins. There are opportunities to increase your wins. If you guess correctly the color you can two times increase your money, and if your anticipation is right about the suit, this time you can make your income four times more. You can play all your money many times too. You can choose lines 10 or 20 then put money on these lines with a bet between 1 and 50. The minimum bet is ten coins, and the maximum is 1000.

Beauty Fairy Slot

This game will take you deep forest with mysterious animals and plants. Unlike from traditional slot games with three or five reels, this game owns six reels. There is a butterfly which helps you to build combinations. In the game, you can pick ten or twenty paylines. In these twenty lines you will come across with more winning combinations, and in this case, of course, the stakes must be increased two times. These slots have one more advantage – It is the percentage of Return to players. In Amatic slots, this number is quite high.

At first sight slot machines with six reels are awkward and strange, but they are as the same as five or three reels. The main difference is that the symbols pay from left to right and from right to left. This feature doubles the stakes. According to experts, this feature of the game will support everybody to like the game. Gamblers can play the game on a desktop, iPhone, Android and other sorts of mobile devices.

Big Panda Slots


On earth, Pandas are in danger because there is a threat that their breed will disappear. Pandas home country is China, and the builders of this game have stuck to this reality.

In this Amatic slot game, China illustrations and bamboo were reflected. Why bamboo, as we know bamboo is the most favorite food of pandas. The game has five reels and fifty pay-line. In the middle of bamboo, there is a 20 window reel.  This bamboo is full of stacked symbols which allow you to win prizes. The symbols include Big Pandas, Fans and Chinese Lanterns. Every symbol has a paying logo, and the highest one is The Big Pandas. If you have five Big Pandas on any pay line, you can make 20.000 coins. It is gambler’s decision about how many pay lines to play and how much money to stake. You can stake from 10 medals to 2000 coins. 

Fish Games: best slot games in 2021

Online casinos are preferred by many players nowadays. It is because there is a wide range of games in online platforms that are difficult to find all of them in land-based casinos. Some of the table games which players enjoy in casinos are easily found in online casinos as well. With the help of these games, online slot game lovers may enjoy several games from their home with convenience. The games are designed both for men and women gamblers. Even some online casinos provide specific types of games that are preferred and attracts the majority of online casino game lovers. Fish games are one of these kinds of games that make players addicted. They become much more popular that changed to the favorite of customers in online casinos. That’s why many casinos now try to offer these games for attracting players. The characters and background theme of fish games are entirely related to the underwater theme and ocean creatures. So, players are keen on these slot games and earn lots of prizes by winning opportunities.

Features of the best slot games of 2019


There are some features of table games that make them differ from games offered by various other online casino software. All things in these kinds of games are in the form of the underwater creature so, it requires to know some details before starting to play a game.  Sometimes it seems complicated especially for new players, but if you get some valuable points, it is probable you will get many wins. Many players get obsess with fish games after knowing its strategies. The goal of these games is to shoot sea/ocean creatures. When the player achieves to do it, he will get awards with winning lots of things.

Although it seems natural to capture the animals and get wins, sometimes it takes a few hours to get one. But the good point is that even if the players damage the sea creatures by hitting many times, they may get prizes. There are some opportunities in these types of games that includes having the button serves as a weapon. By shooting with it, the player may earn payout and increase bank account. People think that the games which require specific skills can create the most enjoyment for people. It is because these kind of games are different and they make players feel the excitement. Of course, if there are many wins at the end of the day, it is the most important thing for any casino lover. The titles of fish games are in sea-related icons.


How to play the best slot games in 2019?


Some rules are required to play the themed online casino games and these rules connected to the understanding of all the essential features.

They are the attributes of online casino games. They are the following that makes the games attractive for players.


  1. Payouts
  2. Speed in the site
  3. Progressive jackpots
  4. Special Rewards for players
  5. Design and background sounds in the game


  First one is the payout. It is an essential one among all the others. Due to the earning payouts, people choose to play gambling; In case of having unsecured earning systems, it is better to provide many symbols within the game. Symbol and bonus opportunities or any other awards always attract customers, because everybody wants to win. In fish shooting games symbols are in the form of sea creatures, and if the player gets to find or match them, he will possibly win lots of prizes.

  The speed of the fish games is vital because it will prevent any possible network break. If there is any problem happens the game will immediately remove from the registered account. Due to this problem, many players may leave your online casino and choose another gambling platform for playing slot games.  

   Another name for progressive jackpots is diamond. So it contains a significant amount of prizes, and whenever a player could get it, he may increase his bank account with lots of prizes.  It could be received by hitting a fish in the game.

   Special rewards can differ from game to game. Some shooting games may offer bonus chances or free spins with slot machines. So, in any case, the result is positive for the player, and it raises the amount of money in the online casino account.

     Design and sounds are always exciting in shooting games. They make the game attractive for players. The games’ music is mainly with underwater related sounds, and they make the players feel the real environment and enjoy the game.

The tips and guidelines for the best slot games in 2019


Take into account these points before playing your game. After finding the reliable online casino that offers various types of slot games, make sure you know some tips for playing fish games. They are the following:

  • Make sure to enjoy the game
  • Reliable online casino
  • Any possible difficulties in the game
  • Variousness in games


   The first point that should be taken into account by casino players who love to play online slots is the fun. The majority of shooting online casino games are similar. They look like each other because of the characters, scatter symbols and bonus opportunities. When the players start to play these type of games they merely get addicted to them and spend whole hours by winning lots of prizes. The most important thing is there is no harm and these kinds of games are available and can be in the interest of everyone.


  Not only in playing these games but any other slot games the play should be a reliable online casino. They should offer online real money slots. It is essential mainly because of the payouts. Each game is full of awards, and nobody wants to be cheated by fake online casinos. Make sure the game you want to play can be securely installed on the phone as well. Even if you play it for entertainment and you are not a severe casino player, it doesn’t matter. It is always better to prefer the good one from the excellent gambling club.

You should know the difficulty level in the game

It is because when the game is the most difficult one of the online casino, then the player may get bored fast. Then he will not get any excitement from the game. Therefore, players always should know their ability, how they can play the game if it is severe enough. The tolerance is the thing that should be considered in this case.  

   Variousness of games is essential for each customer of casino platforms. Everybody wants to access ranges of different fish games. These games look like each other mostly, but if the online casino achieves to provide a different style of fish shooting, then it may attract more players to the online platform. Different styles of the best slot games mean to have various options about winnings. Providing a lot of bonus chances increase the chance of possible players for the games and the platform itself. With the help of these awards, it is possible to enlarge the bank account. If players are satisfied, they will return to play those games again. Therefore, they will keep playing shooting games and become a loyal customer of the online casino.

Best slot games of the year: Gaminator

Day-by-day online casino games are getting more and more popular among players around the world. Especially online slot games have been maintained in an upward trend recently. Most of the biggest online casinos offer high-quality online slot games. One of the most favorites is Gaminator slots. If you are a big fan of slot games who love to play online or on the move, then there is some good news for you that you might be interested. Gaminator is online casino games platform which provides a wide range of slot games for its users which it is there is no possibility that you are not going to like it. With captivating graphic design elements and excellent choice of sound effect, you can definitely make sure that you are going to have tons of fun and perfect gaming experience.

Gaminator slots


Gaminator is the platform of online slot games developed by Novomatic which is considered one of the giant leader in the online gaming market. These slots are very popular through both Europe and United States casinos. Due to that, the builders of the platform has provided with a multi-lingual function, these games have been favorite of not only people who speak English but also for other non-English speaker players.  Even though you are able to find any kind of game in accordance with your preferences among a great library of various slots, we can classify them in the following ways.

Free slots – this is one of the main features that make Gaminator so different from other casino platforms. By offering a considerable number of free slot games, the platform gives the users a chance to play any game before playing with real money. If we take into account that before you gamble your money, you need to know some requirements of the game. As the wise man said, first you need to learn the rules of games, next you have to learn how to play the best from others. Free slot games allow you to have perfect gaming experience before you put your money on risk. You are not going to need any deposit to play these games, besides that you are not required to download these games to play.  

Here is a list of the most popular and high rated free slot games that Gaminator offers:





Real Money Slots


If you are a creature of habit who loves online gambling then this platform will be the best place you can earn and have a lot of fun. With a wide range of real money slots, you will not even notice how fast hours passed. The platform has been designed in such a way that you are not getting annoyed with pop-up ads and registration details. You don’t even need to download the software to play, you can easily play on the move with your mobile phones or tablets. Of course, in order to play with real money requires more strict regulations when payment issue comes to the existence. Through these games, you can absolutely rely on the privacy and security of your personal information. With very flexible payment options, the player will not even face any challenge while depositing or cashing out his winnings.

Classic reels – Who said that today nobody plays traditional 3-reel slot games? Despite there is a massive amount of new and innovative slot games both in land-based casinos and online casinos, still a considerable number of players who prefer classic reels. For the fan of classic slot games, the platform provides quite a large library of 3-reel slots. You can enjoy taking your time playing old-fashioned slots which will make you come back nostalgic times. You are not required to download the software and there is app version for on the move players. So you are able to play your favorite games through your mobile phones or tablets from anywhere and anytime.

The main features


The professional team of game experts and mind-master game designers has been come up with one of the best online casino platforms. This platform has several features and advantages that outweigh its competitors.

Top online slots this platform firmly tracks and consider customer review and rating figures. So the software automatically lists the games starting from high rankings and by taking into account of positive player reviews. It means that when you look at the website of the company, whatever you see on the list of slot games are top high-quality and high ranked slots around the world. And of course, this helps the player to make a smart decision about choosing the right game which has a significant effect on the gaming experience.

Casino deposit options – if you already have played the real money casino game, then you most probably have experienced that some of the casinos make an artificial challenge for the player to cash out options. The trick is quite simple when you put your money as a deposit on the game all the ways are open. On the other hand, if you would like to take your winnings and payout, suddenly you face certain limitations such as less-flexible payment options. You can definitely sure that this software has quite flexible payment options and you will not confront any problems on the way of taking your winning prizes. This software has been provided by several types of payment options that allow the player to deposit and withdraw very easily.

Real money slot on mobile – one of the other excellent advantages is you can play any game that you prefer through online and with real money. No matter you are on the move or you are sitting on the couch at home, it is a great opportunity for you to make money and have tons of fun. Gambling and joy have never been so accessible throughout the history of gambling.


Slots with high-limit betting – as probably you know some of the online casinos have a limited amount of betting options due to legal restrictions or other regulations. The only a limited number of casinos have flexibility on this matter which is Gaminator is one of them. This gaming platform offers a considerable number of slot games with high-limit gambling options. So if you think you are a high-caliber of risk takers, then there is no better place you can play with such a huge amount of money.

No download – maybe you have already annoyed with waiting a long time to download the games or losing at the maze of downloading procedures. Through this platform, you are free from all of these problems. In order to play any game you want, there is no need for downloading the slots. The player is able to choose his favorite games and play on the web.

Final note

By taking all said into consideration, we could come up with the idea of that choosing appropriate slot game play an important role in your gaming experience. When you make a right decision you can win a lot of prizes and having lifetime fun, however when you choose the wrong game on the wrong platform you are going to lose your money and get disappointed. That is why using the above-mentioned evaluation tools you can make sure that Gaminator will be your best choice.