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Amatic Slot Games

by Matt Wright

Posted on April 11th, 2019

Amatic Slot Games

In today’s world, there are millions of online slot games and one of them is Amatic slot games. This company was created in Austria in 1993. İt is producing slot kind Amatic games and exports them to countries which are located in Europe. Its policy is to expand its market share, and that’s why they have spread to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Thanks to the hard work of the founder of Amatic Mr.R Bauer this expansion realized. This expansion was not so easy, using the most modern casino and game business and offering high-quality services, it made it possible for The Amatic slot games to take some parts of the UK and Ireland markets.

The company uses Novomatic, and due to this reason, casino lovers easily recognize the characters used in the skillmine slots. We have talked about the good sites of the company and let’s give some negative examples. This company has not spread all over the world, and it is not as reliable as other gambling companies.

1. Admiral Nelson

If you think that it would be excellent to fight in sea war with one of the best captain called Admiral Nelson you are in the right place. In this slot game, there are many lines and bet lines to pick up.  In this game, every player can enjoy sea adventures by playing in your phones and tablets.

I understand that it is so dull to be on the ship if you are not in the center of the war and most of the sailors are busy playing cards. But there is good news for you. You can make prizes up to 3000 by finding all kinds of cards.

1.1 Best Features of the Amatic Slot Machines Game

There is an anchor in every ship. In this slot game, if you can secure the anchor of the boat, you can win about 10,000 coins. But this number is not the last number which you can make in the game. If you can see one of the beautiful Frances, you can make prices up to 20,000 coins.

After the victory in the war, every player on the board becomes Wild and wild admirals get the force to change all the principal emblems to acquire prices of the members who joined the team at the end. Admiral Nelson is so famous because of his excellent game strategy. You can learn from him the approach and make victories. By using his plan, it is possible to play from 1 coin up to 1000 coins.

2. Billionaire Slot

Have you have ever thought about to be a billionaire and spend your money? From the “Billyonare slot game”, you can get some lessons about this topic. The tips which you will learn from this Amatic game is immense. You will find out how to spend money, where to spend money and also you will have a chance to collect little wealth by lining different kinds of symbols.

The symbols include cigars and fancy cars. You can play exciting Amatic games like Wild Grand X Casinos, free, and others. It is useful to play this game using a PC or Macbook, or another mobile gadget.

2.1 Features of the Amatic Games

The main character of the game is Billy. He wants to begin his day by drinking a cup of nice tea. If you fetch him tea, you will gain 500 coins. Like other billionaires, Billy also likes to read newspapers while drinking tea. When you propose his paper, he will give 750 coins.

It is not unusual for Billy what time of day it is that’s why any time he drinks alcohol like whiskey or cigar and you have a very excellent opportunity to gain 1000 coins when you offer him these products. Billy has another distinguishing feature. He does not like to drive a car.  If you are a good driver and take him wherever he wants to go, you will make 5000 coins.

In every spin, you have a chance to choose different sorts of lines and line bets. First of all, select 10 to 40 lines and later claim a range between 1 and 25. The minimum amount for the stake is 40 coins, and the maximum is 1000 coins per spin.

3. Amatic Slot Games – Casanova

Are you familiar with Italian playboy Casanova? Most probably, yes. Have you ever wanted to be like him? Amatic slot games give you a chance to be virtual Casanova. In Venice, Italy, you can attract different women include blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Amatic has dragged Casanova to the 21st century. Using mobile phones, you can lure women.

If you are ready to grab the attention of all Venice women, then begin to amass all the necessary details. If you take a gondola to ride or visit the palace you are going to make 12.500 coins. In Venice, high society women were wearing masks to hide, and this feature will bring you 100.000 coins.

It is a great pleasure for Casanova to become crazy, and when this happens, Casanova can give rewards up to 50.000 coins. There are opportunities to increase your wins. If you guess correctly the color you can two times increase your money, and if your anticipation is right about the suit, this time you can make your income four times more.

You can play all your money many times too. You can choose lines 10 or 20 then put money on these lines with a bet between 1 and 50. The minimum bet is ten coins, and the maximum is 1000.

4. Beauty Fairy Slot


This game will take you deep forest with mysterious animals and plants. Unlike from traditional Amatic slot machines with three or five reels, this game owns six reels. There is a butterfly which helps you to build combinations. In the game, you can pick ten or twenty paylines.

In these twenty lines you will come across with more winning combinations, and in this case, of course, the stakes must be increased two times. These slots have one more advantage – It is the percentage of Return to players. In Amatic slots, this number is quite high.

At first sight Amatic slot machines with six reels are awkward and strange, but they are as the same as five or three reels. The main difference is that the symbols pay from left to right and from right to left. This feature doubles the stakes. According to experts, this feature of the game will support everybody to like the game. Gamblers can play the game on a desktop, iPhone, Android, and other sorts of mobile devices.

5. Big Panda Slots


On earth, Pandas are in danger because there is a threat that their breed will disappear. Pandas home country is China, and the builders of this game have stuck to this reality.

In this Amatic slot game, China illustrations and bamboo were reflected. Why bamboo, as we know bamboo is the most favorite food of pandas. The Amatic slot machines game has five reels and fifty pay-line. In the middle of bamboo, there is a 20 window reel.  This bamboo is full of stacked symbols which allow you to win prizes.

The symbols in the Amatic slot machines game include Big Pandas, Fans and Chinese Lanterns. Every symbol has a paying logo, and the highest one is The Big Pandas. If you have five Big Pandas on any pay line, you can make 20.000 coins. It is gambler’s decision about how many pay lines to play and how much money to stake. You can stake from 10 medals to 2000 coins. 

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